Tuesday, May 21, 2019

TKC Told You So: 'Save The Paseo' Garners Kansas City East Side Voter Support

We reported this same story BACK IN APRIL but public radio is playing catch-up and calling it "news" for listeners and d-bags like you. Read more:

Some Black Kansas City Residents Say Renaming Paseo Has Erased 'Our Ward Parkway'

Micheal Logan remembers a time when blacks in Kansas City, Missouri, weren't allowed to go south of 27th Street. So for him, when Paseo Boulevard officially became Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in February, it felt as if the opinions of many black residents had been ignored.


Anonymous said...

Bow the only question remaining is whether the current Mayor and Council will piss in the faces of the residents of Kansas City one more time or if they will acknowlege the fact that they changed the name of this street in violation of the provisions of the City Charter and either reverse their illegal action or at least put the question to a vote as they were required to do before making the change.

Anonymous said...

If this street isn't changed back to the Paseo then people need to sue the city for taking this under the table and spending tax payers money every year to the King family without a vote. It has nothing to do with infrastructure of the city and is more of a racist thing. Take it to court.

TheTruthAndNothingBut said...

White people are finally realizing the Black clergy folk do not speak for Black people nor do they even speak for the majority of Black people. It’s not 1968, and the Black church is a collosal failure. Only people over 70 are still even indulging their presence... oh, and unsuspecting White people. Freedom Inc, the Black church, NAACP... all fledgling organizations that will close their doors permanently in the coming years. Why? They no longer serve the people they claim to represent.