Sunday, May 26, 2019


The latest word from Clay Chastain begs voters to take a moment of contemplation regarding the record of the two leading candidates on this Memorial Day Weekend . . .

Clay Chastain: Jolie and Quinton do not deserve to be Mayor because neither did anything significant to improve quality of life while on the city council.

How did two candidates (Jolie and Quinton) get their names on the general election ballot for mayor when both did almost nothing to improve quality of life for everyday Kansas Citians while on the City Council? And true to that history, neither is proposing anything specific to improve quality of life in their campaigns!

On the other hand, Clay Chastain has done a lot to try and improve quality of life as an activist and is proposing specific initiatives to improve quality of life in his platform as a write-in candidate for Mayor including...

(1) an anti-crime plan that includes hiring 100 new community police officers, (2) a transit plan to replace the City's failed diesel bus system with a quick, quiet and clean citywide system (the "Green Transit Petition"), (3) a plan to eliminate TIF and all tax giveaways, (3) a plan for creating affordable housing without raising taxes, (4) a plan to phase out the earnings tax, etc. And bonus ideas like... firing City Manager Troy Schulte, stopping rigged elections, doing an audit on the City's Water Dept. (to see where all the money is going) and looking into where all the Go Bond money is going, etc.

Here is a review of Jolie and Quinton's voting record on the council, and you decide whether any of these votes improved your quality of life...

(1) Both listened to special interests and voted not to let the people vote on the Paseo name change controversy;
(2) Both voted for additional funding for the 18th & Vine financial sink hole;
(3) Both voted to give developers taxpayer dollars for glitzy projects - downtown convention hotel & luxury condos;
(4) Both voted to change the meaning of a light rail petition and turn it into a streetcar petition to insure its defeat;
(5) Both voted to ignore citywide voter's opposition to the streetcar & pushed ahead anyway via a rigged election;
(6) Both voted not to let voters vote on an alternative, better and less expensive plan to remodel KCI;
(7) Both voted to raise taxes at every opportunity and offered no plan to create affordable housing.

* Nether Jolie or Quinton initiated any specific plan to reduce the City's number of horrific homicides!

Given that sorry track record, how could any thinking voter choose Jolie or Quinton to be KC's next Mayor?

If just a fraction of the silent majority will come out to vote this time (85% did not vote in the primary) and write-in Clay Chastain for Mayor, we can take back control of our City, make it work in behalf of the taxpaying public and have an improved quality of life for all.

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Anonymous said...

A protest vote is not a bad idea. Might be more important in a close election like this.

Anonymous said...

First, most eligible voters in KCMO have given up on having any serious competent representative city government long long ago and won't participate as usual.
The older blue hair lady set will vote for which ever of the two reminds them more of their favorite grandchild.
And the very long line of rent-seeking insiders will vote for which ever has promised them the greatest access and the most money and contracts.
That will make it a close election.
Because lots has been promised to lots and lots of folks.
But, sadly, it has nothing to do with the people who actually live here who hope every four years that someone who is actually interested in city government and providing services to neighborhoods might be elected.
Or even run!
Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get Trump to be mayor when he’s done being the greatest president we’ve evar seen!


NicK said...

No fuck off forever

Anonymous said...

Chastiain has done nothing but drain the city coffers even more with his frivolous lawsuits, endless petitions, and being a general pain in the ass. He always teases that this will be his last hurrah but like herpes he keeps coming back

Anonymous said...

500 votes could tip the scale either way. A vote for Clay is a vote for CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

Voting for Clay is actually the SMARTEST choice anyone could make, but this is KCMO we’re talking about here so no fear of that happening. Making good choices is not something this city is known for.

Anonymous said...

^^^ We’ve been dumbed down by sLIE and clowncil’s stupidity

Anonymous said...

Vote Clay!!!!!!