Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Last night Downtown and Midtown residents were encouraged to retreat to their soggy basements because of a weather event nearly 50 miles away.

This morning mainstream journalists and public safety officials are backpedaling and hoping their old school viewing audiences accept that danger from trash floating in the air was important enough to delay the latest episode of NCIS.

Bottom line . . .

Journalists often preach that REAL NEWS is supposed to accurately reflect the issues and challenges confronting the community covered by media professionals. And while TV news often gets away with storm sensationalism by using the shady excuse that their "TV VIEWING AREA" is impacted . . . The reality is that local population centers were not in much danger from tornado warnings whilst barn destruction topped news broadcasts last night.

In a digital world where "the algorithm" can be refined to bring everybody with a mobile phone a highly customized "DAILY ME" -- Asking anyone to think about the big picture is a tough sell.

Meanwhile in KCMO, there was a deadly youngster gun fight, continued debate among the mayoral candidates and all of the low-rent politicos running for council IN ADDITION TO continued infrastructure neglect along with potholes that still haven't been filled despite promises.

And so we ask . . .


Thankfully, this is the Midwest and flyover country culture dictates that a tornado warning is always a good time to enjoy a beverage on the front porch, make a gas station run or maybe visit a favorite box store. Possibly all three along with a marriage proposal . . .

Our favorite part of last night's social media discussion is how newbie or 20-nothing locals encouraged their neighbors to run and hide whilst longtime KCMO locals know that the news is notoriously panicky and wrong during Springtime and the rest of the year . . .

None of this is to say that there wasn't a serious weather danger for folks in the stix and on the outside edge of town . . .

However, in a metro area and nation so hopelessly divided . . . Finding commonality even in the midst of local tragedy is becoming increasingly problematic.

Accordingly, after the jump we've CHRONICLED TORNADO NEWS THAT MOSTLY CONCERNED FOLKS 50-MILES OUTSIDE OF TOWN so that we might all garner a bit more information not only on the disaster but also for use as a gauge local MSM hyperbole and storytelling amid the era of Internets push back . . .


Several early morning flights canceled at KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KCI had to close the airport for a couple of hours Tuesday night after debris from severe storms littered the runway. The airport reopened a little after midnight once crews were able to clear the runways and they were deemed safe.

Kansas City Fears Flying Junk?!?!

Debris from Linwood, Kansas, found more than 50 miles away after tornado

Tuesday night's storm carried a large rotation and very strong winds.At times, on radar, the rotation from the tornado measured at more than a mile wide.

Airport Lock Down Last Night

KCI Airport moves passengers to safety after tornado warning issued


Just The Tip

Tornadoes strafe Kansas City area in latest spasm of storms

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV/AP) - A vicious storm tore through the Kansas City area, spawning tornadoes that downed trees and power lines, damaged homes and injured at least a dozen people in the latest barrage of severe weather. The storms in Kansas City Tuesday were the 12th straight day that at least eight tornadoes were reported to the National Weather Service.

Foot Fetish Weather Journalism

Man says he remembered to put shoes on before tornado hit

"We had just talked about the last thing that people don't think about during a storm is having shoes on in case of having to walk through it. So I went over a...

More Deets On Airport Scare

Debris from Linwood tornado rains down on KCI shutting down airfield and runways

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tornadoes that moved through the Kansas City area Tuesday night picked up debris and dropped it nearly 50 miles away at Kansas City International Airport forcing crews to temporarily shut down the airfield and runways. "A tornado destroyed homes and businesses miles away and debris rained down onto the airport.

Newsies Note "Near" As In 50 Miles Away

Large Tornado Touches Down Near Kansas City, At Least 12 Injured

At least 12 people were injured in a massive rain-wrapped tornado that touched down on the western edge of Kansas City, Kansas, on Tuesday. The large and dangerous twister hit just outside of Lawrence, ripped through Pleasant Grove, Bonner Springs and Linwood, in what has become a brutal stretch of severe weather across the central and southern plains that has left chaos and destruction in its wake.

Important Hand Up For Those Who Need More Than Local Television Ratings Boost

Heart to Heart International going to help Kansas City area tornado victims

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Advance teams from Heart-to-Heart International were deployed Tuesday night to access damage and determine needs following a round of tornadoes in the Kansas City area. According to the charity, teams have already gone out to Douglas County where there was extensive damage, especially in the Linwood area.

Kleenex At Command Central

Kansas City emergency managers work to keep metro weather aware

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Emergency management workers in the metro monitored severe weather at the Emergency Operations Center closely on Tuesday. Managers used radar and cameras across the metro to keep people safe and weather aware as storms that included tornadoes pushed west to east through the metro in the evening.

Prez Trump Saves Kansas?!?!

President Trump grants federal emergency disaster declaration for 18 Kansas

President Donald Trump has granted a request from Governor Laura Kelly for an emergency federal disaster declaration for 18 Kansas counties affected by severe weather, heavy rains and flooding that currently is impacting the state. The president's assistance is for the counties of Anderson, Butler, Chautauqua, Cherokee, Coffey, Cowley, Crawford, Elk, Franklin, Greenwood, Harvey, Montgomery, Neosho, Osage, Reno, Sumner, Wilson, and Woodson.

National News Hot Take

Tornadoes in Kansas: Images show destruction in Lawrence and Linwood Near Kansas City

Parts of a city in Kansas was ripped apart by tornadoes overnight on Tuesday, with severe weather continuing to hammer the Midwest. According to the Associated Press, "one or more tornadoes" took down trees and power lines, damaged homes and injured at least 12 people.

Barn Destruction Documented

Kearney hit hard by Tuesday's tornado

KEARNEY, MO (KCTV) -- A couple miles east of I-35 about half way between 92 Highway and 69 Highway, a friend of the couple who lives in a house said a neighbor down the road lost two barns, another had some home damage, and trees are down all over.

Drone Pix And Weather Terms

Drone photos show extent of tornado damage in Douglas County

Areas of Lawrence, Linwood impacted by wedge tornado

You decide . . .


Cgc said...

They closed down teh street choo choo and all of the homeless were forced to make BM on the street. It really was a disaster for downtown. THINK about it.

Anonymous said...

Tornadoes are socialists. They are not to be trusted.

Darren said...

^^^ Stupid.

The coverage was justified and obviously did impact a lot of people. Journalists like Johnny Rowlands and forecasters like Bryan Busby & Gary Lezak should be thanked for their dedication to keeping the metro safe. Second guessing people is easy but looking out for the public's safety requires more than snark and mean jokes.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ Does it take tittays? Lots and lots of links and pictures of tittays? Cause this blog has that! Which is why it's the only news source I read. Because I'm an asshole and hate everyone!

Anonymous said...

Lulz. KC weather isn't "journalism" jerk offs. It's just there to sell Chinese merchandise from local box stores.

Anonymous said...

@8:06 AM. Thanks for checking in, Bryan.

Chief Sitting Sharice said...

The spirits of nature are angry.

Blinky, teary eyed Bogo is a bit much!!! said...

Fox 4's Alford is doing a good job at maintaining a poker face, while Bogo and others are giving melodramatic and wordy flair to recaps on the storm damages. Marcus Officer is a matter-of-fact reporter in these types of assignments, but it would be cool if he could wisecrack, like he often does in many of his daily reports.

Anonymous said...

It cracked me up how David Johnson found a way to try to be relevant in the discussion.. talking about re-screening through security in airport after going to the basement..

AleksanderIsayevich said...

A tornado threat 15 miles from downtown and the freebie was shut down. KCMO just proved the freebie is a fair weather toy train. Shutting down the fair weather toy train caused more damage to the hipsters, gays, homeless, and soy boys that the tornado caused when it touched down.

Anonymous said...

You don't propose marriage in front of a Thunderstorm,
you do it in front of a Motel!

Anonymous said...

Funny about the choo choo, but my home, near NKC and Gladstone, was right in the path of the "mile Wide" tornado.

That was a terribly threatening visual.

Luckily, it passed nearby without damage, but I appreciated the TV coverage.

The scoffers of that important information are simply juvenile.

Anonymous said...

They interrupted a concert at Kaufman too but it was ok the artist and executive director vamped with an interesting convo about organs. I don't think the metro bus quit running so yet another LOL about the silly li'l nostalgia train. 2 miles of sentimentality for only $102 million.
-Radish on the high ground

Anonymous said...

Look, nobody, and I mean NOBODY watches local TV except for sports. NOBODY. If you did or do, you're a geriatric fucktard with nothing better to do. You are nobody's target demographic, and frankly don't really matter. First, There's no way in the world I would let local yokels dictate what I watch. Second, I can afford cable, so I would just flip the channel IF I watched local TV, which I don't because again, NOBODY watches it. And lastly, I don't get scared. Only old people are scared of the weather and fear for their pathetic lives every time these hucksters hijack the airwaves.

Anonymous said...

I watched the local news coverage (and I have cable and streaming apps on my TV). I switched between 41 and 9. Both were pretty decent. I don’t think it was overhyped it was a serious threat to a lot of people. If it had stayed together and hit downtown people would be complaining there wasn’t enough warning.

Now, we all know if it would have hit Westport or West Plaza the hipsters and freaks would be protesting about it being Trumps fault while waving a communist flag.

Anonymous said...

Tony, television stations are still required to serve the public interest. That's what they were doing last night.

Sort of like the exact opposite of what you do.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Karli Ritter was catatonic. Bogowith lost it on air when she saw a house knocked over. It was a trainwreck. I couldn't stop watching those crazy bitches.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that if it were your house or your family you would be singing a different tune. Bogo was emotional but shows she is human, don't know what you guys are maybe sub-human? Seeing the tragic damage, as I did when the sun rose over Joplin the morning after their tornado is an unimaginable feeling. A co-worker was taking pics as we drove down Rangeline Road and she asked if I wanted her to take pics with my phone. I told her that I didn't want pictures of other peoples misery. She stopped taking pics immediately. The enormous damage is not able to be described in simple words.

Anonymous said...

^^But it's not our house so it doesn't apply here. I imagine you and your bleeding heart are on the way to Linwood right this very second to see what you can do right? Oh, that's right, you're on here instead.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you'll say anything to create discourse. Leave the job to the experts; in this case, it was excellent work by the National Weather Service and local meteorologists who gave ample warning to those in the tornado's potential path. The damage of the storm was estimated to be so great that NWS upgraded the Tornado Warning to EMERGENCY. I believe the tornado at one time was headed for Kansas City and then shifted. That is why the sirens alarmed and people were told to hunker down until it passed. Kansas City missed the tornado, however, some areas were still affected by strong winds and hail. Nature is unpredictable and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Instead of trying to create a ruckus, you could provide information to those who want to help those affected by last night's storm. The Basehor-Linwood School District USD 458 is accepting donations before 4 PM today. They need bottled water, gift cards, trash bags and cleaning supplies for cleanup. Leavenworth County Emergency Management and the American Red Cross have requested these specific items at this time and no clothing.

To donate, go to, a grocery delivery service. For delivery address, add Basehor-Linwood High School at 2108 155th St, Basehor, KS 66007. Choose Sam's Club as the store option. Shop online and during checkout you will see approximately $4 for delivery fee.

Anonymous said...

If Bogowith was so professional, why did they cut away from her and not go back for 45 minutes? It's because she was getting her ass chewed by a producer telling her to get her shit together. Bogowith and Ritter need to be fired. Katie Horner always got a bad rap, but she never freaked out like those two did last night.

Anonymous said...

Joe Lauria needs to go too if he can't keep them under control.

Anonymous said...

8"34--How many times did Mark the "vertically challenged I can't read a teleprompter" Alford say "Uh".

Between all four channels they were able to mention 5,986 time or so that you can download their weather app.

11:15--one of the reasons you couldn't quit watching those "crazy bitches" is because they're both MILF's

Scratching each other's greenbacks, y'all. said...

^12:33, choose Sam's Club for the store option?! How about the Waltons (Forbe's list of U.S. billionaires for decades) get those WalMart trucks fully loaded up with those much needed supplies at the humongous distribution center right down the road in Ottawa KS and Bentonville AR, AND GET THEM TO THE EMERGENCY AID AGENCIES AND VOLUNTEERS PRONTO!!!!!!

Buffett could kick in a big helping hand out! He touts philanthropy, and besides, it would promote good will for possible sales to the storm victims replacing items by shopping at NFM!

Anonymous said...

KMBC has the best radar, 2 minutes ahead of 4,5, and 41. Glued to TV for over two hours with Katy, Brian, Johnny and Nick.

Anonymous said...

^^How sad your life must be.

Steve said...

You Tony, are a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

2:17 PM, The information was based on a Facebook post of someone who used Instacart and Sam's Club because they couldn't get off work before the 4 PM dropoff deadline. I agree that Walmart Inc. and other large corporates, as a token of goodwill to their customer base (let's be real, it's always about money), could and should donate to those in need.

Anonymous said...

I liked it, there was a lot of fun and excitement but no real danger. Best show in town!

Anonymous said...

If you believe the news, you're stupid.

Anonymous said...

^^^ 100