Monday, May 20, 2019

TKC Doggie Question Monday: Should Kansas City, Kansas Repeal Pit Bull Ban?!?

A legislative move that animal lovers adore but some neighborhood activists oppose.

Whilst "breed bans" are now out of favor, regulating owners and encouraging proper care and treatment of animals is much harder to enforce.

Take a look:

Push to appeal pit bull breed ban in Kansas City, Kansas

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Pit bulls have been banned in Kansas City, Kansas. for nearly 30 years. Monday, a group will be going before Wyandotte County leaders to try and get the ban lifted. The last time a group tried to appeal this ordinance was in 2014, however, the vote ended up a tied 4-4 margin which was not enough to overturn the ban.


Anonymous said...

You mean officially?

Anonymous said...

Keep the pit bulls, ban the pit bull owners. The dogs are inherently good, the owners are generally low class, usually from a minority group know for neglecting animals and even their own children.

Anonymous said...

A pit bull ban is racist as fuck. If they overturn the pit bull ban, I will open a pit bull shop at 6th & Quindaro and make some serious bank.