Sunday, May 05, 2019

The Kansas City Sunday News Revival

Early morning news look at the persistent problems of the panty game . . .

Barron's: Victoria’s Secret Bras Are in a Bear Market

Closer to home, these local somewhat nicer news links help us find perspective . . .

Insight Into Local Drama

A Break With Tradition - KC STUDIO

Funny what a difference just a few words can make. Not long ago Sidonie Garrett, executive artistic director of the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, and the organization's board of directors agreed to alter the theater company's mission statement. It marked a major shift.

Springtime KC Camp-out

Chiefs Rookie Minicamp: Five Observations From Day 1

There were 72 players on the field Saturday afternoon at Chiefs rookie minicamp

Kansas City Wine Review

In Kansas City, Vox Vineyards Uses Rare Native Grapes to Produce Unique Wines

In 1996, Jerry Eisterhold was running Eisterhold Associates Inc., his design firm, when he became fascinated with the idea of growing native grapes in Missouri for winemaking. He soon got his hands on cuttings from 60 grape varieties native to North America, largely identified by Thomas Volney Munson, an early 20th century viticulturist, and launched a vineyard with those unique - and almost forgotten - varietals.

Royals Need Youth Movement

Kansas City Royals: Time to bring up the kids

As of Saturday morning, the Kansas City Royals are 11-22. Even though the calendar has barely turned to May, they are already 9.5 games out of first place in the AL Central. Quite obviously, this is going to be a long year for the Royals, at least in terms of wins and losses.

Tragic Conclusion This Weekend

Highway 218 shooting victim Micalla Rettinger laid to rest in Kansas

WATERLOO - Family and friends of Micalla Rettinger, who grew up in Lenexa, Kansas, and who was the victim of a seemingly random shooting in Waterloo, gathered Friday to remember the young woman known for her caring spirit. The funeral Mass was held at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Lenexa.

City College Study Guide

5 tips for a successful finals week

With finals fast approaching and stress mounting, the last thing any college student wants to do is make their finals season worse by not properly planning to face it head-on.

Kansas City Winning Whip Legacy

That time a KC horse won the 1938 Kentucky Derby

Believe it or not, back in 1938, a horse from Kansas City won the Kentucky Derby.

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Anonymous said...

Relax, all you 35-40 year old ex-KU Sorority Girls who hang out at Westport and the P&L, Victoria's Secret still makes its bras in size 52-A cup, they're just "special order", since the Oak Park outlet no longer stocks them.

Anonymous said...

^^ You would know.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Why yes, I would @8:30.
Unlike you, ever since I was a baby I've had an interest in both bras and their contents.
I may even qualify as a "fan", sort of like you are with jockstraps.

Reality Speaker said...

Good slap down of troll !!!!!!!!!!!