Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Testimony: Suicidal Troops Give Up Guns

Memorial Day aftermath reporting about soldiers with problems turning over their weapons. It's a worthwhile read and a reminder that supporting the troops takes a lot more dedication than a social media post. Read more:

Giving Up Guns: High-Risk Veterans Are Ready To Talk About It

Lynn Rolf III owns a lot of guns, but only one makes him stop and think whenever he sees it. "I've had conversations with one of my pistols numerous times about how easy it would be to put it in the mouth," he said. "Pretty one-sided."


Byron Funkhouser said...

I know veterans who keep several guns, because without them, their anxiety is overwhelming. However, what holds true for the rest of the country is also true for them; the number one use of guns is to commit suicide, regardless of the paranoid rhetoric.

The government isn't coming for your guns, because it's not smart enough, or brave enough, to do that.

Smiling Jack said...

Probably a good choice, that damn "Big Zero" can get bigger every day.

Anonymous said...

Trump really fixed the VA. So much winning.

Kohl said...

Guns are cool, but they are sort of like cars: one wrong move can change everything.