Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Super Dave Celebrates MSM Tornado News

A worthwhile counterpoint from this TKC fave blog community denizen . . .

Super Dave: May 28th Tornados

The greater Kansas City area endured another night of springtime storms with tornadoes touching down here and there to the West, the Northwest, and the Northeast of the Metro Kansas City area. Yes Kansas City in itself dodged the bullet again. But as usual you’ll see the normal gnashing of teeth and whining from those addicted to television that their TV show was interrupted because somebody else a few miles away from me was having an issue and needed to be forewarned and advised about severe weather.

Unfortunately weather forecasting is not an exact science and unfortunately you have those running loose out there that think it should be. To me it would appear that if those who think predicting the weather and climate change and all that other weather mumbo-jumbo they like to mumble about is so easy to do why are they not getting an education and proving with facts the junk they attempt to spread around on the Internet everywhere?.

I’ll admit I was glued to KMBC channel 9 last night watching the pictures from Johnny Rowlands in the News C hopper 9 along with Nick so and so speeding along roads here there trying to show better pictures and tornadoes that never seemed to appear where he thought they would. But face it folks, they’re just doing their job and that is to let us know when and where something might be coming from. Since television broadcasting is not done on a block by block basis and is done on a by however much power the FCC is allowing them to shove out their antennas or push across the Internets. While I was not affected by the storms in any way shape or form earlier in the evening I thought I would be. I monitored and watched the storms as they moved up from the Wichita/Emporia area and noticed that they kind of slid a little to the northwest of me so I was spared by all while others suffered.

In the end as far as I’m concerned a person needs to refocus on their priorities in their life if a simple evening of television watching is interrupted by coverage of a storm. This was a bad storm no if and buts about it. Three people were seriously injured and dozens more slightly injured. From the amount of damage that I have seen so far it is a blessing as far as I’m concerned that nobody died. Depending on the chances of rain today May 2019 could go down as the wettest month ever for the Kansas City area. The weather is definitely changed and how much more it will change we have no idea at this point because we are dealing with something we have no control over.

As for the trolley folly shutting down good news would be that it is shutting down permanently but unfortunately we will not be blessed with that kind of news. Many local swimming pools shut down early; ballgames were canceled along with other sports related practicing. Events were canceled and people stayed home. For some it mattered greatly as they endured an evening they will never forget. The rest of us who were spared should be blessed that we were spared and the fact that something closed early, was canceled or didn’t take place out of concerns of safety for everyone should be accepted as taking the proper precautions for all.

Let’s say for instance places didn’t close earlier or cancel and this big wide tornado shifted over 5 miles or less and went ripping right through the middle of Johnson County and through the downtown Kansas City area killing who knows how many people with totals of the injured possibly in the thousands. All those people that might’ve been stuck out in the open because nobody forewarned them events didn’t error on the side of caution would’ve resulted in huge amounts of public outcry for not enough warning being given to them or safety precautions taken to avoid loss of life and injury to the residents who may have been in danger.

Simply put, when it comes to dealing with the weather sometimes it’s just a simple damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Personally I’d rather be inconvenienced and alive over being ignorant/non informed and dead.


chuck said...

Dave is right, people were hurt and information should be as available as possible to as many people as possible to protect as many as possible.

I do think, that Katie Horner spending 20 minutes during prime time terrorizing us over thunderstorms in Miami County is a bit much.

In 1900, 12,000 people died in the Galveston Hurricane because no one knew it was coming.

Progress can be inconvenient, but worth it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I'll take this rare opportunity to agree with Dave & Chuck.

Staten Island in New York was under a tornado advisory last night.

That isn't normal.

Anonymous said...

Quick Weather @ TKC says it's 70 and Sunny

Anonymous said...

If you bunch of losers spent last night watching local news all night, you’re sad and lonely. What a bunch of losers!

Anonymous said...

6:40, it is not usual but it is not rare either. There have been hundreds of tornadoes in NY State in the past 50 or so years, and some of them have been in the NYC area.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Don't listen to Byron he is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I love bad weather because KCTV 5's Ellen McNamara was all over yesterdays Tornado coverage today and is one solid KC News hottie! To bad she is married!