Wednesday, May 22, 2019


A quick conversation with an "advocate" for the toy train who is also a self-described "Marketing Strategist & Creative Generalist. Urbanist. #KC Transpo Commission Chair. #KCstreetcar Authority. Agency owner" who has been awarded streetcar contracts.


Navigating Downtown Kansas City's Ring Of Highways Is Throwing Pedestrians For A Loop


Shining a light on the corrupt trash running the city of KCMO and other agencies said...


Anonymous said...

This guy is the kind of individual who would NEVER put his name out for the public to give him an up or down vote. If he did, all the crap that he's been involved in might come out. He's the kind who needs to stay behind closed doors and under the table and who can then take credit if things go well and deny any involvement when things go south.

Anonymous said...

This clown again?

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on this.

Anonymous said...

One of the more toxic clowns in a strong field of contenders. Congratulations on creating an endlessly subsidized strip of amusements with no revenue stream, contributing both to our slide toward bankruptcy and our status as #5 in violent crime.

Do you wear the ironic little soyboy expression when you hear about murders, failed infrastructure, terrible schools, and plunging quality of life?

DramavilleKC said...

Seriously? So, where is traffic supposed to go? KC is a major artery for interstate commerce via trucking.

Also newsflash, most people with an IQ over 80 do not want want to live anywhere near Downtown. Who wants to live with on a house of cards and near bums.

Anonymous said...

It certainly must be a real challenge for all the sophisticated downtown denizens to navigate around the highway and street system in this big big city.
But that's because most of them moved here from Co Pie Nebraska where they grew up and never seen multi-story buildings, interstate highways, and wonders like THE streetcar.
So spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars to make them feel safe.
And everyone else can ride bikes or scooters or walk.
It's really amazing what passes for "influencers" in this little cow town.
You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Staubio never wants to address how the taxpayers get hit up for these nightmare schemes!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad he can't ask the traffic engineer that got smacked by a 16 wheeler trying to cross the highway.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that guy was suicide by trucker. Obviously was NOT a highway engineer except in title only. That act was to get in the Missouri taxpayers pocket to get him out of speedy loan debt.

Hyperblogal said...

I think the lad underestimates the intelligence of pedestrians for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

Radish has a few thoughts/reactions to this article.

1) we all hate the downtown freeway noose ("loop") but we stuck with it.
2) in the 50s planning geniuses in the cookingham era chased after federal checks and fads to give us this freeway noose, ripping the shit out of KC.
3) in the 00s and now the planning geniuses are chasing federal checks and fads with "complete streets" and "road diets" and silly separate bike Lanes.
4) where would the money come from for this?
5) article reders to CBD central biz district. But it seems like we have abandoned idea of a CBD the way we have taken on hundreds of million in Debt to chase after this discredited "creative class" fad and build subaisized high rent dwellings. Plus the CBD is hemorrhaging jobs.
6) last one in an already too long post, greatest threat to peds downtown is aggressive motorists especially those who run red lights and marked crosswalks. We need police to write more tickets. It is frustrating being a motorist downtown I get it with planning airheads closing so many streets downtown but still.

Bryan M. Stalder said...

Remember the time the official "Worst Person In Kansas City" got called out for a conflict of interest, awarding streetcar contracts to a company he was a partner at? Lol. I forgive him for his mistakes, but his white supremacist vision for the urban core of Kansas City is unforgivable.