Friday, May 17, 2019

Show-Me STL Activist Head Check

Most of our readers might disagree with his progressive politics but there's no denying his BRAVERY in talking about mental health and bowing out in order to heal -- A path that most don't have the courage to undertake.

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Bruce Franks Will Resign From Missouri House To Focus On His Mental Health

State Rep. Bruce Franks will step down from his St. Louis-based seat, citing a need to deal with his anxiety and depression. The Democrat said he still wants to make his mark on St. Louis' politics, even though he'll no longer be in elected office. He's also hoping his spotlight on mental health will resonate.


Anonymous said...

Dealing with all those blacks in shitty Louis will make anybody cray cray.

Anonymous said...


Bruce Franks has been a disruptive "bomb-thrower" for years.

He was in the same category as Maria Chappelle-Nadal who called for the assassination of President Trump and called Democrat Claire McCaskill a "piece of shit slaveholder."

Good to see he's finally working on his own mental health issues, as it's been an obvious problem for years.

Anonymous said...

If everyone with mental health issues resigned from the public offices they hold, the halls would become echo chambers in their emptiness.
Confirmation would require little other than looking at the local halls of "power".

NicK said...