Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Show-Me Scary Consequences For Missouri Public Defender Case Work Overload Crisis

It's not the cons who will suffer . . . Instead, innocent people on the outside will confront criminals who should have been locked up but were let go on a technicality. Take a look:

Missouri Attorney General: Felons Will Go Free If Public Defenders Have Their Way

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says a proposed deal to reduce public defender workloads doesn't protect the interests of the public, and he wants permission to intervene in the case. Schmitt said Tuesday that the deal, which sets maximum caseloads for the state's 500-plus public defenders, "would allow untold numbers of alleged felons to avoid criminal prosecution."


Anonymous said...

In Jackson county, felons already go free and have gone free ever since Jean Petersucker Baker became prosecutor. Jean Petersucker Baker has no skill and no ambition to convict hood rat felons.

Anonymous said...

Photo is fake as shit. Jail cells are not made of construction rebar.

Anonymous said...

^^ First hand knowledge.