Sunday, May 05, 2019

Show-Me Movie Biz Missouri Comeback?!?

Tax fighters loathe the idea of movie industry subsidy but it's also worth considering that these sourpuss activists wear horrible suits and don't have much in the way of salesmanship.

With the advent of streaming media services there's a movie biz boom unlike anything the entertainment industry has witnessed in a generation. Missouri was once a hotbed for movie production but the programs to encourage the biz were shut down. There deserves to be real debate on this topic and in fairness we want to present a more hopeful pitch for a return to local cinematic undertakings. Checkit:

Bringing Hollywood to the Show Me State - MOMMA

BY MIA POHLMAN The Show Missouri Film and Digital Media Act seeks to generate new revenue for the state We all know: in 2013, the cast and crew of "Gone Girl" graced the streets, bars and riverfront of Cape Girardeau for six weeks. Here in Cape Girardeau, the film's economic impact looked like this: 116 ...


Anonymous said...

KC would be great for sex trafficking, murder , and psycho movies, that's what our town is all about so it would perfect setting for movies like that.
UMKC would make the best location for psycho movies they could even use the people who teach there and the students. Perfect!

Retro ROCKER said...

Kansas City would be Great For Most Movies. There is plenty of Local Tallent. And I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU A STAR BABY .

Anonymous said...

Movies about Bad horrible business could be made here. I would start with such movie titles as:

1. Why we added editorial writers while we lost millions-The KC Star
2. We Hate Republicans and would rather go out of business than be fair
3. We disagree with people in glass houses should not throw stones- KC Star op-Ed board
4. How to increase crime starring sly
5. We love being a 1 percenter! Sly KC earnings tax supporters
6. We love AOC! KC Star
7. We love floods! Waldo people
8. I love car washes! Starting Emmanuel Cleaver
9. Forget house payments starring Frank White
10. The country club plaza- How we went out of business
Bonus: Free Trolley rides for the rich While the poor pay for KC bus service- starting City Hall

Anonymous said...

Awful takes from awful people. You people are so bad.

Tracy Thomas said...

A smart program. And the cost is a drop in the bucket. Mo. should do this, and so should Kansas.