Thursday, May 30, 2019

Show-Me Court Battle Over Missouri Abortion

The 8-week ban meets its first major court battle tomorrow morning, here's a national news preview . . .

Court to decide whether abortion services in Missouri will end in 48 hours

The fate of abortion in Missouri will be argued in court Wednesday as Planned Parenthood fights the state for refusing to renew the license it needs to continue offering the service in its St. Louis clinic.


Anonymous said...

What's really going on is PP will not cooperate in an investigation of its practices to determine whether they comply with the law. No business would be allowed to do that and not put its license in jeopardy. The abortion business is no exception.

Byron Funkhouser said...


Men who hate women want to make sure they stay pregnant, barefoot & in the kitchen.

That's what's really going on here.

Anonymous said...

Put the question to a vote of the People.
If a majority approves it, fine, but if it turns out that a pack of venal Politicians are forcing the views of a tiny but vocal group of religious bigots onto the People of this State then so be that too.

If you are "Pro-Life", what do you have to fear?

Babies that you killed said...

I am 100% with Govenor Parson, he is old school, things were better back in the old school days. You young fucks care more about peddle bars and platic in the Ocean and fake Global warming that you do with a big mistake you made a few weeks ago that created a heart beat that you want to murder instead of be accountable for! Your generation is all about the "easy" way out!. You young fuckers have a lot to learn about life, ya might want to start listening to people that have lived it and know way more than you think you do!!