Wednesday, May 22, 2019


The Golden Ghetto rejected one of those rigged mail-in ballot initiatives often used to push unpopular tax increases in KCMO.

Here's the postscript and perspective from the leaders of the movement . . .

Shawnee Says There is a Better Way

In early April, a grassroots group of Shawnee residents has formed a committee opposing the property tax increase, which would be used to construct a Community Center in western Shawnee. The name of our group is "Vote No - There's a Better Way Committee."

Today, after more than two weeks of voting, the election results revealed that the Vote No effort prevailed with 72% of the voters opposed.

"The resounding victory for the 'Vote No' grassroots team sends a very clear message that there is a better way. The City of Shawnee should prioritize needs over wants - focusing on police, fire, and taking care of our pipes and streets over a community center that would not even generate enough revenue to cover its own operating costs. It sends a message that our tax rates are already high and need not be higher. It also says that the people of Shawnee are not interested in going into competition with private fitness centers generating revenue for our city.The people of Shawnee spoke and common sense prevailed," said Chris Karner, Chairman of the Vote No - There's a Better Way Committee. 

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Anonymous said...

You mean to say that actually organizing, raising some money, having a well thought-out factual message, communicating with voters, and actually participating in local government can affect decisions in local government?
Not suiting up in comical costumes, marching around, making demands, and taking selfies?
Somebody needs to tell the "activists" in KCMO.

Anonymous said...

Shawnee voters are racist. The community center would have been a great place for Section 8 mothers to drop their kids off for free daycare.

Anonymous said...

Cue the sexy, sensuous and always mysteriously alluring Tracy in 3-2-1---

Anonymous said...

Good for Shawnee. They have way too much riffraff and section 8 as it is. Why welcome more?

Reality Speaker said...

Envious of an administration that allows taxpaying voters to have a say about how their money is spent.

MLK Blvd, Jazz District, Toy Train vs potholes, hotels, parking garages, Power & Light subsidies.

Oh well, just dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Make them keep voting until they get it right.

Anonymous said...

So Shawnee isn't getting a street car expansion? Dang.

Anonymous said..., Shawnee voters ain't "gittin riggy wid it" like that KC Chamber corporate welfare clan and their pay-for-play puppets on the KC Clowncil! Good on them. North JoCo is proving, "basic services", not "blingy thingys trying to keep up with the jonses" is what constituents want from their taxes administered by their local gummint!

Tracy Thomas said...

I was proud to serve on the citizen committee of 25 of the hardest working volunteers any city could hope to have.

The walked door to door, precinct by precinct, hand-delivering 20,000 factual brochures to counter the city's many deceptions.
Yard signs? 750 NO signs placed in homeowners' yards--not stuck in public right of ways by the JE Dunn rainmaker who had a no-bid contract. Boohoo for Eric Danielson. No bonus for you.

40,000 contacts via social media ads.
A meticulously researched web site,
Two city wide mailers explaining WANTS vs NEEDS.

And one big secret to all people in the metro trying to identify and appeal to the "silent majority"?? (usually the finder of lost dogs or referrals for pest control or veterinarians or dentists.) Over The vast majority of commenters had the courage to challenge the city's rahrah and need to "compete with Lenexa". They came out of the woodwork to announce their household was fine living within their budgets, and were voting NO.

A record 46% of the voters participated in the mail in ONLY ballot--that's the wave of the future. And 72% of the voters from all OVER the city voted NO.

Phillip Kline, the anti-tax activist, and my hero, paid for a city-wide mailing to voters. (We had previously worked together as a team to defeat BiStateII and Big Soccer.)

We were joined by many other contributors, including the very grateful and relieved owners of 13 local fitness centers who pay taxes. Their livelihood and survival of their families depended on defeating this. The City needs to stop competing with private enterprise, especially since not one staffer has EVER run a business.

The bully on the council who pushed this property tax increase is now running for Mayor: Stephanie Meyer. Some dubbed this proposal "MeyerLago". She owns this defeat. We won't know till May 28 the ward and precinct breakdown, but even her western Shawnee ward could not have been that strong for it, if it failed 72 to 18%.

She pushed a false narrative about competing with Lenexa. Even whining that our citizens were "forced" to go to other cities. Seriously, Scarlett??? Forced?

Shawnee's self esteem is high. We are fine just the way we are. A friendly town where people live within their means. Who can distinguish between a WANT and a NEED.

This repudiation of Stephanie Meyer's social climbing agenda marks the uprising of the Silent Majority, even when we no longer have a newspaper. I predict more folks in Johnson County as well as KCMO will have the courage to say "Enough!"

The other day, Mark Funkhouser was on with Nick Haines/Ch 19, and described most city councils as having a BS Agenda. Build Something.

Well, little Shawnee has said no to BS--in a big way. 72% said Hell to the No.

Anonymous said...

God bless you

Tracy Thomas said...

And of course, Mike Pirner ran the best campaign management ever. He kept the feisty team of grass roots citizens working together--which included not just conservatives, but total newbies and a treasurer who is a big supporter of Sharice Davids. Remarkable.

Pirner is like Winston Churchill in the War Room--absent the cigars and the brandy snifter. He knows ward and precinct ground game politics like no other in Johnson County. He never, never, never, never gives up.

He maintained a lazer focus on GOTV--Get out the vote. Because he had recently suffered a campaign loss, for a candidate with 150 yard signs who was expected to win--but lost by 75 votes. Pirner is a pit bull with voter research. He looked up every record for everyone who had taken a yard sign--then didn't bother to go to the polls!

So--yard signs don't necessarily equate to votes! Take nothing for granted.

Anonymous said...

Tracy Tracy Tracy I'm very disappointed in you that you consider Phill Kkkline the anti-choice wacko former Kansas Atty. General a hero.

Tracy Thomas said...

Well, 11:29--thanks actually, for catching my typo.

MY hero, Phillip Klein, (not Kline) is not the one you refer to.
My Phillip is a movie producer, who made Begging for Billionaires, the expose about Whitney Kerr and eminent domain and the immoral taking of land in downtown KCMO. He has spoken across the country fighting eminent domain. And is working on a new movie, about a blind magician.

My Phillip runs the magic shop at USToy. And has never run for office.

My Phillip Klein, runs, nationwide. And today for his 60th birthday is moving in a new megabooth in Louisburg, featuring amazing things he picks at estate sales and from collectors all over the US. Happy birthday, Phillip!!


There was another well known local Phil Kline, ONE L) a moderate R. legislator from Overland Park, who died a few years ago.

And finally, the despicable Phill Kline, from Shawnee(two LL's and ine) is the one you refer to. Disbarred attorney, former Joco District Attorney who then became Ks AG. Who released private abortion records. A headline hunter, former Ks. legislator who cost Shawnee from getting Costco at our front door, thus sending $2 million a year in sales tax revenues to Lenexa's poorly located store. That one--who changed religions from lifetime Methodist to Nazarene, because the Nazarenes "loaned" or gifted money to favored politicians running for office. Jesus...I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

If it were Phil Kline, KCTV5 would invent an election scandal and confront him on camera when he's trying to leave the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Somebody called it right

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cue the sexy, sensuous and always mysteriously alluring Tracy in 3-2-1---

5/22/19, 6:15 AM

Anonymous said...

Tracy--I'm 11:29---Whew. I was hoping that you as an intelligent, independent forward looking person hadn't aligned with Phill Kkkline the whack job.

Anonymous said...

I never knew Tracy was such a racist.

Tracy Thomas said...

wELL, 1:13, not sure where that comment came from--
never knew you were such a race baiter.

In 1968, I marched for civil rights, down Keosauqua Way in Des Moines, registered black voters in the projects (with my Dad, a Marine who served on Iwo Jima.) I joined a black church. Funny thing, 1:13--I don't recall ever seeing you there in the choir on Sundays!

Stay on topic, here. The Shawnee vote.
That's the game we play here on TKC.
And sign your name, or make up a clever nom de plume.
(that's French, btw. For "handle", as your cousin wives might call it...)

Anonymous said...

Check back in with us when the election board has the finals. Did it lose in every single precinct????

Anonymous said...

That comment may have been a joke. The reply got pretty mean pretty fast!

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of Shawnee for 35 years I want to say Thank you to all who voted against the Shawnee Community Center. You have done the right thing for Shawnee. I now live in Lenexa and these council people have never seen a tax or an opportunity to spend money on fool hearty measures they didn't like. I think it is time to tell local elected representatives that their position is not to keep up with the Jones' or bankrupt the residents.
Truth is that Lenexa did not need a new city hall, but Mayor Mike Boehm wanted one and since he finds a way to get council people to quit before an election so he can replace them with hand picked candidates he has the cards all stacked in his favor, he got a new one. He doesn't think we notice but we do. He is also dismissive of requests from residents and is smug.
Lenexa City Center is a bottomless money pit.