Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Whilst locals remembered the troops, gun-fighting continued across Kansas City.

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Seven people died at eight different crime scenes across the metro over the weekend.

The killings occurred between Friday and Sunday and included one man who was killed after struggling with a Kansas City, Missouri, police officer.

Kansas City, Missouri, has recorded 54 homicides this year, up from 48 at the same time a year ago.

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Fox4: Violent weekend -- Seven people killed in just three days

KMBC: 6 fatal shootings in Kansas City area over holiday weekend

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chuck said...

It's all, as usual, "whitey's" fault.

Bust out your "Critical Race Theory" bullshit lies and convince yourself that crime is caused, not committed.

Or, it's poverty.

Bullshit, Appalachia makes inner cities all over the nation look like Leawood - it's Black, violent culture that destroys neighborhoods, cities and entire nations.

Cue up the calls for "Gun Control" and pretend that taking guns away from whites will stop blacks from committing murder.

Anonymous said...

Crickets crickets.... I do not hear anything from the normally outspoken Council members about this?
Sly? Reed? Lucas???

Byron Funkhouser said...

Chuck, you've told us many times that you are a racist because you are a coward. You were mugged by muggers who were black, so now, you hate blacks instead of muggers even though most blacks are not muggers.

That's stupid,

It's like hating Muslims because some Muslims are terrorists, never mind that some Christians are terrorists, & most Muslims & Christians are not.

I want to disarm all Americans & I would start in the urban cores of the biggest cities first. It's just a matter of time before an American President declares a national emergency to end this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

When does Trump keep his promise to end this carnage! He said it would stop on day 1 of his administration. He lied. People died!

Anonymous said...

11:34---Captain Bonespurs Coverup lied? Tat's already one of the 10,100 give or take so far the last 3 years he's to;d.

The hoodtats promise to try harder to exceed expectation July 4th.

Anonymous said...

The President ran on "Make America Great Again" back in 2016. he knows when America was great. it takes time for something this big everything has be right and in place for it to happen. Meanwhile, a lot of people have died opioids, suicides, the negative white birth rates. and other things contributing to the massive white people die off like climate change,
increase UV Radiation. Soon or sooner the truth has to be told.

Awoke Negro

Anonymous said...

No one can fix the murderous negroe problem becausenthey won’t admit that there is one, during sLIE’s tenure and of course petersuckers time as prosecutor there have been over one thousand murders of which 95% have been black on black. There have been four times more black on white murders than white on black.

bLIEron, fuck your sensitivity, white guilt has been over for a few years now, seek help for your seriously bad bi-polar disease, therapy and drugs will do you good, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Stupid hipsters bashing a pinata of Trump on memorial day while black men gun down other black men.....yet trump is the problem.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes he is. There. Glad you can finally see the problem.

Anonymous said...

^^^ we’ve seen it for decades now, the blacks are rapin, robbin, lyin murderers, there, glad you finally see the problem.

No apology tours=MAGA!!! said...

Killa Shitty is too much a DemoCrim-run murder momentum and dangerously debt-burdened FUBAR folly. There are plenty of other similar DemonRat municipal hellholes that need to get off the Barry hopey-changey plantation of dependency and degeneracy. Cradle to grave gibsmes coddling is making more successive generations of deadbeats and miscreants. They don't value themselves and others enough. Opportunities for a respectable way of life is ignored by them.

Trump's admin has bolstered much better educational and economic fortunes for the US, per anum, in the recent 2 1/2 years than the Kenyan born BO did over the 8years of his two terms. Currently, more peeps of ALL demographics are bettering themselves, while still too much violence and destruction is endorsed by loony lib-prog-soc forces. The MAGA pledge involves arduous sets of tasks. Done right, it will take awhile.

Anonymous said...

yes, we saw it before hundreds of years whites raping, robbing, murdering and getting away
with it. well, my ancestors told them white devils "you might not pay for what you do now
(raping murdering robbing lying) but your children's children great children are going to pay

you people are paying now. see 12:38 pm comment to see a few examples of how.

Awoke Negro

Anonymous said...

12:38 4:35 what the fuck are you talking about? You sound very racist. That is some of the weirdest ramblings I’ve seen outside of that retard byron.

Awoke whitey.

Anonymous said...

No not racist at all I respond to racist commenters, to clear things up for you so you can
truly be an Awoke whitey:

1. More white people dying than being born. in all 50 states, Europe, worldwide. infertility rates high, rising cases of white men unable to conceive with white women. Women determine fertility. Look at the tv shows, tv commercials constant black-white relationships.
your race is going extinct. White people need black person genetics to maintain a humanoid
existence. Your human has been maintained in the past by killing black men and raping black
women. and breeding the offspring with white people eventually breeding the black genes out

2 UVA UVC radiation - rising Skin cancer less time outside
There is much much more

I know why the black community is in the shape we're in. were in a spiritual war with people who know who we are and use white people as tools with a very false belief of
white superiority, bigotry, you all need to stop you are in a biblical Revelation like
end . The Most High NI**A (The Creator of heaven and Earth) is awakening his people.


ps. LOOK AT tonight's weather all white areas being destroyed by wind fire an water
this is just the beginning.

Most High NI**A, be woke when he smoke that holy herb! said...

8:00, yeah, sure, mother nature puts a whupping on whiteys only. Hurricane Katrina, hmmmm? Look up cyclone Idai, which hit southeast Africa 2 weeks ago, and killed hundreds. It's listed as one of the worst disasters in the southern hemisphere. Google all the African areas' floods, droughts, earthquakes, famines, fires, and unrest that is NOT near any whiteys.

So, anyway,white people have insurance to rebuild their properties. And, very many whites and latinx will be ready, willing and very able to work all levels of skilled trades and in professional capacities to do the heavy lifting of complete restorations.

Anonymous said...

It's not about storms killing people it's about lively hoods being destroyed flooded farm-
lands white people not living comfortably on the backs of black people.

Flooded farmland aftermath in Nebraska sand in the soil that farmland destroyed
Animal Farmers losing most of their animals, property damage.

Homes in rural areas being damaged yea they have insurance but it still takes a toll on people. some peoples homes being damaged on a

Suicide rates going up for white people. Wall Street Journal news More White People
dying in recent years than ever in American history.

American History is a lie, slaves are not from Africa land was stolen from us.

Google THE NEGRO WALL STREET Dane Calloway and all his documentaries. Watch all of them,

and you will find the common people who keep us in a constant racial divide.

The Truth is going have to come out.MAGA it's not what the media portray it is to be,
the media own by those common people along with banks and other large corporations.

AWOKE NEGRO trying to wake up, my people and other people.