Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rural Kansas Dying Without Hospital

Real life for Americans as the war against Obamacare and the absence of any real Trumpcare leaves many Kansas without any options. Read more:

No Mercy: How A Kansas Town Is Grappling With Its Hospital's Closure

A slight drizzle had begun in the gray December sky outside Community Christian Church as Reta Baker, president of the local hospital, stepped through the doors to join a weekly morning coffee organized by Fort Scott, Kan.'s chamber of commerce.


Anonymous said...

Outrageous headline, Tony!
Of course Trumpcare exists - we see it in action everyday!
Trumpcare, or more accurately "Republicare".can be summed up as...
"We already got your vote, Stupid, now crawl away and die somewhere else, so we don't have to see you!"

Anonymous said...

Don't feel a bit sorry for them. They constantly fuck themselves by voting for the same legislators who screw them and by proxy screw the rest of us. Now farmers are going to get even more welfare, I mean subsidies, from Trump to cover the tariffs that are killing them. And they would all vote for the same shit again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

^^^Whoa there, that's socialism. We don't want socialism! Only if it's of us, of course.

Anonymous said...

Above comments show how ignorant folks can be about cost/benefit.

This is not political until you make it so. It is simply part of the changing landscape on many financial areas.

How do you expect a hospital to stay open with an average of 9 beds used?

Declining rural population is another indicator of change.

If you want to get political, go to San Francisco and fix the homeless druggie problems in the WEALTHIEST CITY IN THE WORLD, populated and governed by ELITE LIBERALS. Surely they have all the answers? Let us know the answers.

Super Dave said...

Some people have no clue what it costs to run a hospital. A business acquaintance of mine who was born and raised in Fort Scott and lived all his life there told me some time back the town in ways is dying. People might live there but travel 30 to 75 miles one way to work each day. A lot of those people spend their earnings in the cities they work in than Fort Scott. For places like Fort Scott to have a hospital to stay open people such as myself and you would have to pay higher medical costs to help cover towns like Fort Scott. But we all know that isn't going to happen. But everyday people all over drive more than 30 miles for health care. One drawback to living in backwoods rural areas is you forfeit a lot of available services you might see everywhere in a city. Some counties in KS might only have 4 to 6 fire stations for the whole country where Johnson county has over 20 fire stations covering it.

I know it's sad to see a small town lose it's hospital but if they charged what would be needed to keep it open the people will just drive the 30 miles to avoid paying the extra cost and then you have your insurance company telling you that you will drive 30 miles for treatment if you want them to pay for it.

Private companies can't operate forever in the red. Mercy Fort Scott did the only thing they could do and that's close. Quiet rural living is wonderful but it comes with a price.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers, Trumpkins. You brought this on yourselves. MAGA!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^ You idiot Trump had nothing to do with this.

Anonymous said...

There must be too many healthy people in and around Ft. Scott. And that's not good for business, if you run a hospital.

They will just open a smaller facility to handle the sick. The really sick or injured will go to Kansas City... probably just like they would anyway.

Healthcare is a mess in the good old USA. We need to throw out the current system and start over.

It has nothing to do with Trump. It rests squarely on the Democrats and Obama. Do you not remember Speaker Pelosi saying that we will read the (Affordable Health Care) bill and find out what's it AFTER we pass it? And who can forget Obama's if you like your health care, you can keep your healthcare... if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor, and the ACA will save every American an average of $2500.00 per year. Lies by the biggest liar ever. How quickly we forget.

Anonymous said...

Obongocare still exists, there's just no longer the giant fucking penalty for not having health insurance.

Anonymous said...

10:22 - Care to back up how, exactly, Obamacare is causing small town clinics to close besides dumbass soundbites? My guess is the issue is way to complex for you to wrap your little brain around.

Where's the Republican alternative. Oh yeah, it goes like this, "sorry small town people get your healthcare an hour and a half away, we have no alternative."

I get it, it's a subsidized hole but we have no problem in this country subsidizing the fuck out of big oil and natural gas among other industries pulling in billions and billions of dollars. But healthcare in small towns, nah, sorry.

Anonymous said...

The blame belongs to Jim Denning, Susan Wagle, Sam Brownback and everyone else in Kansas that have blocked Medicaid expansion for several years.

Passing Medicaid expansion, which has 70% support, would have saved many rural facilities.

Anonymous said...

What 10:22 is too stupid to realize is a large component of Obamacare is Medicaid expansion, which has been accepted by 36 other states since 2012 and covered millions of people.

Kansas still hasn't accepted it and over the last 7 years has now refused over $3 billion federal dollars in health care funds. That would have easily provided the money to keep most rural hospitals open.

It's moronic that Kansans pays into the system and sends money to DC, but the Kansas Legislature screws over those taxpayers by not accepting Obamacare's Medicaid expansion and money that should be coming back to Kansas.

Obamacare didn't cause this. Refusing to implement Obamacare caused it.