Saturday, May 18, 2019

Retail Death Rattle: Box Store Property Tax Crisis Coming Soon To Kansas City Metro?!?

TKC READER SUGGESTED LINK from some of the best and brightest who read this blog. Here's a glimpse at the Internets economy and box store benefits ready to take a lot more cash from towns that depend on their revenue. Read more:

After the Retail Apocalypse, Prepare for the Property Tax Meltdown


Anonymous said...

So under this same logic, why should a "Luxury Apartment" building downtown be valued any higher than a derelict Apartment Building located a, say 24th & Prospect that has set empty for twenty-five years?

Time for the Lawyers to go to work on the "Apartment Blight" affecting Kansas City, so we can move on to tackling the "Hotel Room Blight".

Anonymous said...

White collar criminal minds always find a way to skim off the top and screw everybody else. This is the problem with TIFF and this now dark trend, politicians always claiming to lure these “businesses” to only to be screwed by them later. I feel like these big companies should take the hit just like every other business owner. The losses are tax deductible. It feels like their double dipping; and this seems like a real non-issue because the County Assessor’s can just deny the request. Once you look at the revenue of these establishments, it’s pretty clear that they’re not comparable to a vacant building.

Anonymous said...

KCMO already is allowing the misuse of the CID statutes for hotels to declare themselves blighted.
And you can be sure that if there are any statutes lying around that can be dusted off and twisted into shapes they were never designed to be used for subsidizing "development", KCMO will be leading the pack.
New ways to give away the taxpayers' money each and every day.
Just call Jolie or Quinton.
And remember to bring a big paper bag.

NicK said...

Take the properties like they would to anybody else who dosent pay their property taxes