Thursday, May 23, 2019

Remembering KCMO History On The Paseo

Apropos background on some of the iconic architecture on the embattled Blvd. Take a look:

Newly-renovated Scottish Rite Temple Anchors Historic Linwood and Paseo Block

The Kansas City Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Temple is a massive structure that has fascinated those driving along Linwood and the Paseo for years. Last week, the Temple was opened for a public tour to show off renovations. The Scottish Rite, the largest branch of Freemasonry, still uses the building for meetings and administration.


Anonymous said...

No one can stop calling it The Paseo, even the media refuses to call it mlk!

Anonymous said...

That's because it was a dirty trick and a fraud. Stealing tax payers money not once but every year to pay for using the name. Kansas City democrats are filthy people and have made this city nothing but a trash hole.