Thursday, May 23, 2019

Redux: Steel Plates Rule KCMO Streets Again

Not so long ago disgraced candidate Mark Funkhouser promised he would reduce the number of steel plates that not only kill tires but also make driving around this cowtown and otherwise miserable experience. Over the past 8 years any progress on this front was undone and now a constantly bumpy local ride is the reality. Read more:

Steel plates on KCMO roads rattle drivers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As construction season swings into full gear, drivers in the Kansas City metro will not only notice more orange cones and barriers, but also steel plates where some crews are working. Near 32nd and Main streets, vehicles can be heard driving over the steel plates as KC Water crews work on a project.


Shining a light on the corrupt trash running the city of KCMO and other agencies said...

construction season? More like destruction season.

Sendarius said...

Welcome to the result of trying to maintain failed infrastructure. At least iron plates will not develop potholes.

Anonymous said...

All these repairs need to be done over twice or even three times. They last about five years if the workmanship is 3rd rate.

Welcome to the Long Emergency KCMO style

Anonymous said...

Those plates are supposed to be installed even with the pavement but this faggot run city won’t follow their own rules

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh. We have too many miles of roads to maintain. We are helpless to fix anything because we don't have any money, etc., etc. Same song, second verse. Could be better, but it's worse.