Sunday, May 05, 2019

Progressives Demand Rep. Sharice Davids Go 'Full Bernie' On Obamacare Comeback

The daily newspaper didn't really report much this Sunday but they are pushing this coverage of a fringe-left movement that doesn't have much hope of passing overall. Here's a glimpse at their screed and hope for Kansas. Checkit:

Davids feels heat from the left as activists push her to support Medicare-for-all

Rep. Sharice Davids' opposition to Medicare-for-all legislation has rankled left-leaning activists in her district, but the Kansas Democrat says she's trying to balance the needs of a moderate district. It's a small piece of fight taking place among Democrats nationally.


Anonymous said...

Wow, she does understand an issue enough to make a stand. Good on ya Sherice.

Anonymous said...

The clueless "activists" are wasting their time screwing around with a lightweight nobody like Sharice Davids.
She's a freshman member of the House from a small insignificant mid-west state, has no influence on policy at all, and likely won't last more than one term.
These "aspirational" ideas like Medicare for All are creations of completely impractical people with their heads in the clouds and other parts of their anatomies who haven't given the slightest thought to how these "programs" could be implemented or the unintended consequences for tens of millions of people across the country.
They might as well be talking about changing the weather.
Oh, wait!
They're talking about that too!

Super Dave said...

It would takes years for someone to coach Davids on how to speak and respond to any questions related Medicare For All.

Jeff Dunham's dummies can talk better than Davids ever will be able to.

Anonymous said...

Poor little token/diversity hire, caught up in issues far beyond her understanding.

Anonymous said...

Well the liberals and progressives are about that stupid. Bernie is bat shit crazy.

Anonymous said...

Is she still wearing her suffragette robe from the state of nation speech?

Anonymous said...

I prefer that Ms. Davids keep her mouth shut on policy and be accused of being stupid rather than opening her mouth like AOC and prove the point.

Lesbian Liberals said...

Rainbows with nothing in the pot buta bitch! I miss my ex girlfriend :( we used to scissor everyday before she got into politics, now I am just as screwed as you are!