Thursday, May 30, 2019

Prairie Village Police Action Tonight

I've always thought of "Perfect Village" as one of the most quaint, privileged and protected locations in the United States and therefore the world. Tonight a stolen truck, police chase and ensuing standoff challenged that illusion. Read more:

Police chase ends in Prairie Village; suspect refuses to get out of vehicle

A police pursuit that started in Kansas City, Kansas, Thursday has come to a halt in Prairie Village.Police said the truck was reported stolen.The driver refused to stop for Kansas City, Kansas, police and stopped at 92nd Street and Mission Road.Authorities said the driver is refusing to leave the vehicle.No injuries have been reported.


Anonymous said...

So because some dirtbag from KCK drives through PV in an allegedly stolen vehicle, PV’s reputation is now tarnished? Odd perception.

Anonymous said...

Prairie Village is getting more robberies and has more passers by coming through and making trouble, but generally it's a very nice place to live and much safer than KC.

Anonymous said...

PV is an ass frontward shithole like the rest of the metro.