Friday, May 17, 2019

No Safety Net Redux: Kansas Youngsters Return To Bunking In Foster Care Offices

Whilst the nation debates on the unborn, it's worth looking at Heartland youngsters mostly ignored and forced to reside in questionable circumstances. Read more:

Kansas again keeping foster kids in offices

Abused and neglected children are again sleeping overnight in the offices of Kansas foster care contractors because homes cannot be found for them quickly enough. According to the Department for Children and Families, more than 70 children have been kept overnight in the offices of the two nonprofit agencies providing foster care services beginning in January.

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BigK said...

At least they are not on the streets. Maybe make it a little easier for a person to adopt some of these poor kids.
It is not the kids fault they were dealt a shitty hand in life. Just because a person doesn’t make 200 grand a year
doesn’t mean they can’t take care and love a child.