Friday, May 03, 2019

No Joke: Kansas City Comedian Mike Smith Will Serve Hard Time For Killing

JoCo drama earns real consequences for this dude who turned his life around at one point but still confronted challenges amid the wild life of the Golden Ghetto.

The Pitch wrote a great summary of the case before they became a hipster shopper:

Mike Smith traded in a life of crime for stand-up comedy — or did he?

The latest:

Fox4: KC comedian will spend 23 years behind bars for killing Overland Park dad

Deets and a quote from an old, long-gone friend of the blog:

When first-degree murder charges were first filed against Smith in February 2017, it sent shock waves through several communities. Prosecutors later dismissed those charges and amended them to voluntary manslaughter in February 2019.

Smith was known for making people laugh on stages across the country, opening for comedians such as Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle.

The comedian performed the night before the shooting and sold T-shirts to support his cause.

“We’ve known him since he was in his late 20s into his early 40s as a guy who has been nothing but a great dad to his two little boys,” owner of Stanford and Sons Comedy Club Craig Glazer told FOX4 when charges were filed.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

You can take the boy out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy

Anonymous said...

This is how real prosecutors get things done, petersucker needs to pay attention...... but she’s to stupid

Common Sense said...

Wonder if he is laughing his ass off over this?

Anonymous said...

9:04---No but there's some big boys i prison that'll probably be laughing as they're bendin' over his ass

Anonymous said...

He really thinks he's cute doesn't he? Bend over big bubba's coming.

Anonymous said...

If Craig Glazer said someone is a great anything in his opinion you knew it was a huge lie.

Remember it was Craig who almost dailey made us aware of how much better he was than all of us in all money he claimed to have and a with body that was better than any of us had. Well guess what, we're all still here alive and kicking and he died broke.

Ole Stan sired three boys who all thought they were better and knew more than the old man and Stan saw all three of his dysfunctional sons die while he is still alive with his good looking younger wife Lori.

Maybe Stan should come back and run for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Thats with he gets!

Anonymous said...

That was a nice little pitch Craig or his little rat face gf put out there for him. So...he didn't go to Hollywood because he wanted to be there for his kids. He wanted to be a great provider and role model ..lmao. He wanted to cut hair, make lame ass lives matter right and lets stop racism shirts ...meanwhile he shoots and kills a young black father. And a felon with numerous guns committing armed robbery.He was sooo broke.Oh yeah way better than going to Hollywood. He wasn't good enough point blank. Has anyone ever seen the shows he did with Dave Chappelle and Kevin...I'll either. Maybe he stood on the same stage as them idk.Dude was a scum bag. Oh his big @$$ hat in that photo.KC..Killing Comedian. Lets all call him like we see em..a piece of sh!t..flushed away for 23!!!