Thursday, May 09, 2019


The new airport is already a debacle . . . KCI airport to lose 400 parking spaces for new terminal construction

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Driving to KCI? Big changes coming to traffic pattern, parking

If you're catching a flight out a KCI in the coming months, or dropping someone off or picking them up, expect major changes to traffic and parking while construction crews are working to build a new KCI terminal.


Anonymous said...

Cars Bad! Take That! Use your Bicycle!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell they have taken parking away from the whole city what's different about taking parking away from KCI? That's the new norm around here. My question is.... are they going to add a bike lane?

Gomer Pyle, USMC said...

SooPrize, SooPrize, SooPrize!

Anonymous said...

It's cheaper to take a Lyft or super shuttle. Who parks at the airport?

Anonymous said...

Holy Scheiss!
Look at the graphic - then think about how well KC drivers handle Roundabouts (Ever hear of turn signals?), then imagine the continuous cacophony of crunching metal, and finally notice that there is no way to get to or clear wrecks in even moderate traffic!


Anonymous said...

Makes sense. Build a new and cooler cutting-edge airport, but with less parking. Whatever you guys paid for that game plan, I'll do you one for half the price.