Saturday, May 04, 2019

New Hotness: Kansas City Trans Tunes

Artsy Saturday news item, an examination of a local band and it's evolution beyond traditional sound and gender identity designations. Take a look and listen:

For The Singer In Kansas City's Mess, 'Learning How To Talk' Meant Finding A Non-Binary Voice

Allison Gliesman studied singing in high school and a little in college and knew the technical ins and outs. It took some distance from those lessons and a little experimenting for Gliesman's voice to take shape. The singer, whose band has just released an album called "Learning How to Talk," identifies as gender nonbinary.


Anonymous said...

Non binary? Wtf

Not Byron Funkhouser said...

(((Gliesman))) should have named the band "Confusion". KCUR = Clownworld News.

Anonymous said...


Can we please stop with this incessant campaign to force upon the public the "LGBT as victim" messaging?

Why can't this "person" (am I using acceptable language?) just be a singer in a band?

"The singer...identifies as gender nonbinary."

Why do we have to know any information about this person's sexual identity? How is it pertinent to the music?

"Gliesman explores two other voices...Gliesman, is also not necessarily gendered." This is indicative of a psychological imbalance, a fractured psyche which hinders a healthy mind.

This story was brought to you by KCUR, a politically liberal Democratic Party ally attempting to destroy American society by promoting all things divisive and alienating.

Anonymous said...

You can cosplay as anything you like; it doesn't change genetics. Every one of the trillions of cells in your body is coded one way or the other. The rest is personality disorder and deeply confused narcissism.

Anonymous said...

Hope IT knows how to wait tables.

Anonymous said...

Great name for a non-binary band. "Mess".

Byron Funkhouser said...

11:23, This band is not forcing their views "on everyone else". You didn't have to read the article, & you didn't have to leave a comment. How is your comment not divisive?

I'm pretty sure that they are not actually playing for any of the above retards, they are playing for the countless thousands who are suffering in silence.

11:31, it is not a personality disorder. It would be nice if all humans fit into a nice binary yes or no slot, but reality is always disorderly. Why are you hating on people who mean you no harm?

Are you mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of mental midgets same as you where you claim to be blind while they claim their ass looks like a vagina.

Zippy said...

The first time this little traveling freakshow is subject to honest critique, the tour will be over. Jews hate any reality-based appraisal of their behavior. This must be why Florida has banned all criticism of Jews on their college campuses.

Old White Man said...

Remember when singers were attractive people ? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Anonymous said...

So they’re faggots. So what, we have faggots everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh, right. You got paid yesterday, your monthly government check you scammed to get. Have fun listening to those queers, Byron. You’ll be the only one.

Anonymous said...

Cryon Flunkhouser

You Cryon will fall for everything hook, line, and sinker!

They're fabricating language in an attempt to normalize their mental illness.

Genderqueer, also known as non-binary, is a catch-all category for gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine.

The term genderqueer came into use during the mid-1990s. Riki Anne Wilchins is often associated with the word genderqueer, especially because of her contributions to Genderqueer: Voices Beyond the Sexual Binary which was published in 2002.