Sunday, May 05, 2019

More Kansas City Flooding Coming Soon

Glimpse at the week ahead as more clouds, rain and years of infrastructure neglect threaten to sink even more people in this town. Take a look:

Transportation officials ready for next round of flooding

Many roads in the metro have taken a beating and some even have closed with all the rain we've gotten in the last week. Another one to three inches of rain is expected this week, but officials in Missouri and Kansas are ready in the event of more flooding.


Anonymous said...

Sure the "Transportation Officials" are ready for flooding, they've all moved to higher ground.

Anonymous said...

Maybe crime- fighter Baloonzo Wash-a-tin can launch his fearsome drone and scare the weather away!
If that doesn’t work maybe the rain will incapacitate it so we don’t have to hear any more baloney.
Does he have an FAA small aircraft license that’s required if one flies commercially?

Traffic Light said...

Never fear the KCMO smart sewer system, unlike the not so smart city leaders, will handle any flooding.

Anonymous said...

Get ready Waldo residents....your basements are about to get flushed with more raw sewage from kcmo waterworks.

Reality Speaker said...

More "turbidity".

Anonymous said...

With all the rain that’s coming... new forecasts show 4+ inches.. the appropriate question should be:
“Where’s Waldo?”
(It’s underwater)

Anonymous said...

Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo and his friends are goin’ to Kansas City! Hideyho!