Friday, May 17, 2019

Mom Desperately Seeking Justice After Deaf Son Butchered In Kansas City Northland

Once again, silence confronts family members looking to make sense of a horrific killing -- This time the nicer side of the bridge remains quiet about the killing and the circumstances that preceded it.

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KC mother copes after son is found murdered

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A Kansas City mother is coping with tragedy after her son was discovered murdered. She decided to share her story only with KCTV5 News' Abigael Jaymes in the hopes that someone can help share critical information about how he was killed.


Anonymous said...

#52 in the northeast area, somebody was predicting 53 by tonight, looks like they were right.

Anonymous said...

They caught the guy who did it right? Someone who does something like this should have an automatic bed space in prison with a known prison rape martial artist. Cry all you want you feel folders but this is how this mother gets justice.

Anonymous said...

Weird comment sir.

The murder was a tragedy no doubt but not like a drive by. News story said a dispute over drugs. Should be prosecuted of course but just sayin

Anonymous said...

sad story

Anonymous said...

Stay scared losers. Stay scared! It's soooo bad out there!!!!!!!!!

NicK said...

Nicer side my ass meth has fucked up the north