Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Speaks To 'The Great American Middle' In Nation's Capital

Alternative look at the Missouri rookie politico attempting to make his mark on the MAGA populist movement. Read more:

Hawley Calls on GOP to Revitalize 'Great American Middle' in Maiden Floor Speech | National Review

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri took to the Senate floor Wednesday morning for his first floor speech, decrying the Republican party's sclerotic reliance on Reagan-era free-market orthodoxy and advocating a populist move toward the "great American middle."


Anonymous said...

I want to talk to Josh's middle. With my hot tongue.

Not Byron Funkhouser said...

Just another employee of the Israeli Government. One Nation Under Zion.

Anonymous said...

Hawley is a self-serving twit.
He will serve in the Senate just long enough to land a high=paying gig in DC and then say thanks and good-bye to the deplorables in Missouri.
Hawley is the Republican version of Jason Pander.
How quickly they forget.

Anonymous said...

He's been in the Senate since December and is only now making his first speech?

Pace yourself buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hawley "Speaks to the Middle", but does the Middle listen?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Hawley go to an Ivy League law school? I'm not bagging on it, good for him but this notion that academics are just ruining everything....I mean WTF Josh? Basically, this reads to me like rich, elite, educated politician patronizes working class.

Josh's constituents miss the good ol days and Josh seems to be tugging at those heart strings here. I guess he does represent them but that train of technology and modernization has left the station and Josh knows damn well he can't do anything to bring it back. But whatever gets him votes I guess?