Saturday, May 25, 2019

Meth Town 'Smart Meter' Push Back Cont'd

The latest local government reaction to resident rage and push back from voters. Checkit:

Examiner: Will ‘smart meters’ go to voters?


Independence’s City Council voted this week to indefinitely postpone an ordinance that would have put a smart meter vote on the ballot for Aug. 6.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the council is ignoring the citizens’ successful ballot initiative petition for a smart meter vote, though.

Another ordinance that received its first reading – one that accepts the petition, prohibits smart meter installation for city’s electric and water utilities and voids the smart meter contract the council approved last month – is scheduled for a possible vote June 3. The council had no discussion on that ordinance Monday.

Read The Examiner's report in full.

Developing . . .

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Anonymous said...

I don't get the"smart meter" hate. The people complaining that the em waves are damaging their brains are doing so on home wifi where all their neighbors have wifi signals to. Or calling on smart phones literally jammed as close to your brain as possible. We're awash in em radiation, it's a fact of not just life but nature as well. Storm weather patterns, the sun's "rays" even volcanic eruptions all change the values of the base electric field of our planet. There are points to be made against those things, but health isn't one. Let's start with upfront costs and non decreasing labor costs since they're supposed to decrease manhours.