Thursday, May 30, 2019

Loser Kansas City Royals Playing Dirty?!?!

Here's a better perspective on recent baseball road drama that local newsies are attempting to politely ignore just like this disaster of a season. Checkit:

Royals-White Sox Beef Gains New Life As Pitcher Tossed For Hitting Tim Anderson In The Head

The beef between White Sox shortstop and good bat-flipper Tim Anderson and the Kansas City Royals reared its ugly head again Wednesday night, when Anderson was plunked in the helmet in the second inning by Royals starter Glenn Sparkman.


Anonymous said...

Didn't hit his head. It hit his cap and knocked it off. Watch it in slo mo.

Ump is obviously a piss ant with a soft spot for the Sox

Byron Funkhouser said...

It doesn't matter if it hit him or not. If the umpire decided that he was aiming for the batter, & not the batter's box, then he gets ejected.

Anonymous said...

Byron go find the keys to the batters box.

Anonymous said...

What happened to their anointed leader Alex Gordon saving the day? You know the same Gordo who couldn't hit for 6 years? The same Gordon who has zero personality and is a jerk to Royals fans?