Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Local Broadcast TV Cancelled In Favor Of Kansas City Weather Newsie Tornado Panic

The local stars will shine this evening as helicopter footage from rural areas and a great deal of flashy weather graphics will replace slightly more entertaining broadcast fare. Read more:

Kansas City metro under tornado watch until 10 p.m.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The National Weather Service for the entire Kansas City metro until 10 p.m. Tuesday. Severe thunderstorm chances increase later Tuesday afternoon. The greatest threat for tornadoes will be along the Interstate 70 corridor, with Kansas City near the center of the threat, according to the 41 Action News weather team.


Anonymous said...

I’d rather watch storm coverage than the garbage on prime time network television.

Of course, if the local stations DIDN’T give all this severe weather coverage, Tony would be on this blog immediately with the headline
Local d-bag TV newsies place entertainment and profits from commercials above lives and safety of local denizens by choosing to ignore deadly storms and not preempting prime time shows for storm coverage.

Anonymous said...

Click Click Click

Anonymous said...

Thinking &
Knowledge gets

The Hipsterocracy, drunk on craft beer said...

FORECAST: Destructive hail and heavy wind expected Tuesday evening with morderat severe weather risk TV 5


LOL I guess they've lowered the hiring standard to D- for the digital end of things.

Anonymous said...

Guess what ? We can read and understand radar broadcast on edges of television show. What a frigging joke.

Anonymous said...

This is more about television media's desperate attempt to be relevant. Wanna know the weather conditions? Get on your computer or download an app on your phone.

Geezer 5:09 actually think they're saving lives. If Murder She Wrote was still airing and they prempted that, the geezers would riot at the senior center.

Anonymous said...

I’d watch if the TV stations put their hottest sluts out in the rain in a tank top to report the weather.

Anonymous said...

YOU FUCKING INTERNET TROLLS would be the first to scream if this storm were coming towards your neighborhood.
If this were happening where you live and the TV weather people weren’t covering it, you would be the first to BITCH about them “being negligent in their jobs while MY LIFE was in danger.”


Yes I said it and I will say it again.

The same bunch of human debris who make DEATH THREATS towards some state employee that no one knows for some unknown but probably CHILDISH reason.

YOU WOULDNT BE SUCH ARROGANT FUCKING ASSHOLES sitting behind your computers acting like the entire world is beneath you if you ever had a tornado actually wipe out your home.

Anonymous said...

Star so far of the day Tony is Karli Ritter. Seems like Joe is taking the back seat and letting her shine on Fox 4.

It doesn't hurt that she's waring a very form fitting dress showing off her ass.

Anonymous said...

7:06--That's the same dress she had on at noon. She's got a lot better body since she had her 2 kids.

Anonymous said...

6:49 for the win. I read this blog, but for the most part a bunch of idiots, and this is their one chance to try to make someone think they're worth "listening" to.