Thursday, May 16, 2019

Local Blogger Guide: How To Ruin Perfectly Good Kansas City Real Estate

Some worthwhile resources along with step=by-step instruction for middle-class denizens who want to build the perfect home WHEREIN NOBODY ELSE WOULD EVER WANT TO reside. Read more about killing resale value:

Tips for Building Your Dream Home - Sarah Scoop

Perhaps you've been looking for several weeks, perhaps it's been several months or even years but nothing. If you've been searching for your dream home and you haven't struck gold and if you have time and your budget isn't too constrictive, then you might want to consider an altogether braver option.


Anonymous said...

Saddest day in history, when someone invented property.

Anonymous said...

You know your going straight to hell when you need a tasting room. Eat the rich.

Y B jelly? Custom cribs create commerce! said...

Go ahead, do a custom build. Nothing says jack up your insurance costs and pump up your tax rates like a showplace residence. Include as many unique features as you can stand that shows you got it, and you're gonna flaunt it! Spreading your wealth to high level artisans, skilled tradespersons, various associated professionals, and more, will MAGA.