Monday, May 13, 2019

Latest Lawsuit Drama For Longstanding Human Rights Crisis At Jackson County Jail

The public has known about the horrific conditions and repeated atrocities at this institutions for years, now the debate moves to the courtroom where it threatens to cost taxpayers even more cash.

Update: Lawsuit Alleges Workers Falsified Medical Records Of Inmate Who Died At Jackson County Jail


Children sue over mom's 'horrible and preventable death' at Jackson County jail

Reports of shocking brutality, filth and incompetence within the walls of the Jackson County Detention Center have sparked multiple investigations and no shortage of controversy. ReGina Thurman "died a horrible and preventable death" at the Jackson County Detention Center two years ago, Thurman's four adult children allege in a new lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

Chalk up another white death at the hands of Frankie boy and petersucker, their incompetence at running the county jail and prosecutors office is unbelievable. they want whitey gone.

Anonymous said...

Build the new jail now so we can get those kickbacks and a better downtown.

Anonymous said...

A person never has to go to jail just think of how many people you know who have not. A preventable death in jail is for one never being there in the first place. Torn aorta? What are we missing here? Did she have a prior medical condition or drug use? She had already had a medical intake examine. So lets say maybe they didn't ignore as much as is claimed here. You have to know every faked medical issue in the world is pulled by the jails population there all the time. Most jailbreaks start from a faked illness. As in this case less than one half of people with a ruptured aorta survive. If every person who was in jail got to go to the hospital for every little complaint the hospital would be overflowing with convicts.

Nope the safest thing to do in life is stay out of jail to begin with. Honestly it isn't that hard to do.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

When George Wallace was asked about the conditions of his states prisons, he summed it up perfectly: “what do you want to do? Give them a place they want to go back to?”

Anonymous said...

Didn't the county falsify the death report of another inmate? And didn't Frank White promote the county counselor lawyer who signed off on using an old mugshot of the guy who died, instead of the one taken that night when the guy couldn't hold his head up?