Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Kobach Fears Kansas Abortion Rights Trend

Credit where it's due . . . We may not like the news outlet from where this story originates and, generally, we love to clown this earnest Kansas politico but his take on a recent abortion decision offers an insightful perspective and understands the legal implications of the decision better than anyone else. No matter how readers might feel about the debate on "the procedure" here's an important look at the legal argument:

Pro-Abortion Decision of Kansas Supreme Court Has National Implications


Byron Funkhouser said...


"unreasonable search & seizure", i.e. the "right to privacy" is all you need to know.

You cannot force a woman to have a child against her wishes. That is not freedom.

Reality Speaker said...

You cannot force a woman (NOT TO KILL AN UNBORN) child against her wishes.

That is not freedom (TO MURDER).

MDLQ said...

What kind of god gives babies birth defects?
What kind of god makes a woman go through a still birth?
If that's the kind of god you've got......just ask why.
What do you call a doctor that fights these issues that continue coming
from a kind, sweet, good, wonderful god?
.........A huge 'HERO'!

T here
I s
N o

Anonymous said...

^^^And therefore...what? Finish your argument, if you're trying to make one.