Thursday, May 16, 2019

KCMO Innovation Honcho Consultancy Redux

More insight and pix regarding this local dude tech player who is now selling his biz and connections to the "smart city" hype machine. Read more:

Bob Bennett's smart city consultancy places citizens at the heart of decision-making

NEW YORK - Bob Bennett wants cities to know that becoming "smart" is a necessity, and he's ready to help them get there. The former chief innovation officer of Kansas City, MO announced this week at Smart Cities New York the launch of a smart city consulting group, B2 Civic Solutions, to help bridge gaps between local governments and private sector companies, and ensure citizen demands are at the center of such collaborations.


Anonymous said...

fOne of Slie's Con Men!!

Anonymous said...


Darth Vader admires his image on the screen, while telling Anakin, "this can all be yours one day son!!!"