Friday, May 24, 2019


Local tax fighters confront the newspaper over financial deets whilst everybody else worries about the authenticity of Instagram booty models. Read more:

KC's economic development study parroted exactly what the city wanted

The following commentary also appeared in the Kansas City Star.Businessman John Wannamaker famously quipped, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."


CensoredCitizen said...

KCMO has bragging rights.
#1 wife beater team in football
Top 5 in most deadly city in the nation
Top 10 most in debt city
Now 22nd from bottom in economic growth
These rankings say a lot about the leadership in the town.

Anonymous said...

Of course it did, it’s all lies, toy train, airport, mlk, the whole thing is b.s.

This city, I mean sLIE, is so desperate for attention that the city, I mean sLIE sold out the taxpayers with his pie in the sky scams. We will ALWAYS BE A MIDWEST CITY despite sLIE’s grandiose and wasteful spending and worthless ideas.

Anonymous said...

@1:28 You hit the nail on the head! Hats off to you!

Anonymous said...

The ONLY people who actually believe all this crap, or at least make believe they do, are the folks at 12th and Oak and all their groupies.
The rest of the country has their own ideas about KC, and it's mostly not so good.
Or at least no where near as "dynamic, exciting, and cutting-edge as Sly and the gang at Visit KC constantly peddle.
In fact, many folks around the country still think that KCMO is in Kansas.
It might be a nice change if KCMO government would pay just a little attention to the folks who actually live here.
But that hasn't been the case for decades.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

sLIE and company have done way more harm than good for this city, we have gone so far down hill it’s not even funny any more. Momentum going down hill is still momentum regardless if it’s beneficial to the taxpayers or not and believe me, it’s not been beneficial to anybody other than sLIE and city clowncil.

Anonymous said...

Everything KCMO government is rigged, how do I know? I pay taxes because I unfortunalety work in KCMO and a pot hole I hit costed me 2x's more to fix my car than the annual taxes I pay to work here, how fucked up is that!!!