Friday, May 24, 2019


On the other side of the State Line, officials were bragging about reducing the number of homicides . . . Now the level of murder ramps up in between the rain. Read more:

Woman shot and killed in KCK

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Anonymous said...

How come the video says KCMO?

Anonymous said...

Because nobody cares. ^^^

Anonymous said...

KCTV5 never knows where they are at, they just sling shit out there hoping some of it sticks.

Maybe it will be "Operation Dotte Dirtbags Done"! said...

Reporter said popos told her they've been sent on calls to this area many times in recent years, and that it is a known area for violence and drugs.

Hmmmm...DEA's biggest badboys and Chief Zig's bigdawgs prolly be swooping on in there with giant cans o' whoopass this summer.