Monday, May 13, 2019

KC Blogging Mayor Dude For Prez 2020

This one is worthwhile if only because The Democratic Party is already starting to implode before they even mount a serious challenge to Prez Trump. Take a look:

How Pete Buttigieg is misusing religion: 5-13-19

One of the surprises so far in the crowded 2020 race for the Democratic presidential nomination is Mayor Pete Buttigieg (pictured here) of South Bend, Ind. Seemingly out of Nowhere (which is a suburb of South Bend, I think), he...


Anonymous said...

The dude is gay and his last name starts with butt..... the mooselimbs are gonna love this guy!

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are turning so far left they are starting to eat their own tail. Trump in a landslide, MAGA.

Anonymous said...

Tammeus says Buttigeig is "misusing religion", but Trump's team blackmailed Falwell Jr. into endorsing him so the "evangelical" sheep would follow along, ignoring Trump's bragging about his infidelities to all three of his wives, paying off his whores for their silence, and making comments about his own daughter that stink of pedophilia.

Oh well, guess Christianity ain't what it never was.

Anonymous said...

It's the FAR left and the FAR right. The FAR left will sacrifice the unborn to preserve their rights. The FAR right will allow school kids to get murdered by gun violence to preserve their rights.

Anonymous said...

^^^One of those rights is explicitly set out in the Constitution. The other was found lurking behind an emanation of a penumbria by a justice with a vivid imagination.

Anonymous said...

Bill Tammy doesn't want any public official talking about religion.

But he bends over backwards to excuse the LGBT crowd.

And now a GAY Candidate is...talking about religion.

Billy would like to tell him to shut up, but he is going to look like a bigot towards the gayboy.

Billy has himself in a pickle.

Anonymous said...

7:15...Trump is an atheist. He is one of your own.

Own him, buttboy.

Jake Blair said...

Bill Tammeus bends over to defend LGBT propaganda, so he has a real problem criticizing Assman for talking about religion...because he doesn't want it talked about in public settings AT ALL. BILL, the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION is on to you!

Anonymous said...

You notice how Pete is constantly bringing up his gayness? Always wearing it on his shoulder and using it in defensive and offensive arguments? He’s kind of a drama queen really.

Who cares! Stick with the issues directly and stop crying about mike pence.

Retro ROCKER said...

Enjoy the Show .Between Pocahontas And touch and feel me Joe. And the twenty other socialist. This will be Fun to watch .

Byron Funkhouser said...

Der Fuhrer's approval rating is still below 50%.

That won't win an election.

Tony, the Democrats are not imploding. That's just wishful thinking on your part.

Why do you support Der Fuhrer? He doesn't like brown people.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^Brown people don't like you either asshole

Anonymous said...

Butt-boy cannot stop talking about his cocksucking ways.
The "husband" cannot seem to keep his trap shut either. He loves talking about how he will be the first "First Husband" to pick out the White House china. How very sweet!


Anonymous said...

Hey Byron,
If you are convicted of Social Security fraud, you can be fined up to $10,000, incarcerated for up to 15 years, or both, depending on the law you violated.

I will be dancing in the streets soon it appears as Byron will be the cell blocks new pass around toy.

Anonymous said...

Bill usually writes thoughtful columns but missed on this one by not understanding Mayor Pete's point.

He said we can't allow religion to used as a kind of cudgel as if God belonged to a political party.

He was not talking about God being a card carrying party member, but as if a party owned the ideas of religion, virtue, and God.

In the same way Republicans also think they are the party of the American flag. They claim to own patriotism because they wear flag merchandise, play Lee Greenwood, and mock protesters; so the flag belongs to them. In the same way Republicans think the military and strong defense belongs to their party because they write blank checks for equipment and claim to cheer louder for vets at parades.

The flag and the military belong to everyone in the country, not one party. Democrats support patriotism, strong defense, and religious values too. Obama spent trillions on defense and always went to Veterans ceremonies. Democrat JFK was the first Catholic president and MLK and African-American churches have had a long history endorsing social justice issues championed by Democrats.

Buttigieg is making the point that religious values aren't exclusive to one party and Democrats should stop ceding those values as they belong to all of us.

The exclamation point is that if you had to pick one party as the one that more represents God and religious values, then looked at the actions of this immoral president and administration, you would have to conclude the Greedy Old Perverts are not the ones to hold themselves as the authority on godly issues.