Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kansas Protesters Against GOP: "Lord, hear our prayer! We want health care!"

Recap of the State budget battle in the Sunflower State wherein the Republican majority was ALMOST totally successful in blocking the new Democratic Guv despite outcry from progressive protesters. Read more:

Kansas lawmakers settle fiscal issues amid Medicaid protest

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - Republican legislators on Wednesday reversed actions by Kansas' Democratic governor to reshape the state budget to her liking, but they couldn't save a GOP tax relief plan and had their work briefly delayed by a loud protest in favor of expanding Medicaid. The GOP-controlled Legislature overrode Democratic Gov.


Fahrootbuttbashir said...

Apparently the "Bus in a Protester" program failed to do its job in Topeka. Probably because Topeka is too close to failing KCMO.

Anonymous said...

^^Or better yet..why don't you have anything going on in YOUR life?

Byron Funkhouser said...

If you wanted health care, you should have asked to be born in another country.

We don't have health care, here, we have health insurance.

We don't want poor people to have health care, because that would be socialism.

Anonymous said...

STFU Byron. You make more noise than a busted chainsaw.

Anonymous said...

^^who but broken, busted bitter little bitches use STFU anymore? I can only think of stupid dave and that's it. Out-of-touch geezer.

Anonymous said...

^^^ who, but braindead, bum, brokeback buttboiz use geezer anymore? Everyone thinks immediately of BlieROB, and that's correct. Out-of-his-mind Funkhoosier.

Anonymous said...

Who isn't being treated? Not a single ghetto rat who gets shot up in a drug deal gone bad has insurance, yet they are rushed to the hospital and given very expensive (for us, not them) medical care until they're well enough to go out and try to score more weed. Trailer trash who show up at the emergency room at the slightest sign of sniffles are looked after just as well as or better than the people who are insurance covered.

A study in Oregon a few years back showed no health differences between people who were covered by Medicaid and people who qualified for coverage but had not bothered to apply.

That Unitarian minister should be praying to the God she doesn't really believe in to send money from heaven to pay for the Medicaid expansion that will do little good but cost a bundle. Will she subject her church to state income taxes to help with the cost?

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