Thursday, May 09, 2019

Kansas Mourns For Medicaid

Heartfelt healthcare protest takes a somber tone and offers a glimpse at the stakes of the medical debate in the Sunflower State. Read more:

Kansas Poor People's campaign highlights human side of Medicaid expansion

Advocates aimed to show the human side of Medicaid expansion. The Kansas Poor People's campaign rallied at the Statehouse on Wednesday morning protesting lawmakers adjourning -- without acting on the issue. Lawmakers in favor of Medicaid expansion tried unsuccessfully to block a budget vote before the session adjourned early Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Kansas and its citizens would be much better served if they would enhance KANCARE rather than expand Medicaid. Remember that both programs take care of the poorest and most unhealthy people. The difference is that Medicare expansion is funded 90% by the federal government through more federal debt for only three years. The state can not incur debt so all of the additional spending must come directly from Kansas taxpayer support. Medicaid's tab will only be paid by the feds for three years then it is mandated that Kansas taxpayers must keep the program and pay the entire bill. Medicaid expansion is an instant gratification program that is a forever punch in the gut of taxpayers after the three year honeymoon. I think we pend a little more now on KANCARE and less in the future for Medicaid. $50 million a year (plus inflation) is a bitter pill to swallow. Think about the school funding bill in Kansas, this is the same thing and they are both growing out of control.

Anonymous said...

Move the poor to Canada.

Anonymous said...

The 'pro-life' positions of the GOP on full display again.