Saturday, May 25, 2019

Kansas Joins Fight Against Big Pharma

With dangerously addictive pills flooding into small towns creating a deadly glut, state governments push back and Kansas is now part of a coalition to take private industry to task amid an American crisis. Checkit:

Kansas, 4 Other States, File Lawsuits over Prescription Opioids

By ANTHONY IZAGUIRRE and GEOFF MULVIHILL Associated Press CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - Five more state attorneys general announced legal filings Thursday seeking to hold the company that makes OxyContin responsible for an opioid addiction crisis that has become the biggest cause of accidental deaths across the country and in many states.


Anonymous said...

This was foolish of the part of the AG to enter into.

No amount of lawsuits against manufacturers are going to stop failed people from using drugs to escape their fail. Besides it's a self correcting problem, the junkies will either fix themselves, the state will rehab them with prison and/or the drugs will fix them by killing them.

Anonymous said...

amounts to a tax on prescription drugs. No forces anyone to act against their will