Friday, May 17, 2019


A bold move from this Sunflower State leader which hopes to lower the quotient of human suffering and junkies throughout the Midwest. Read more:

Kansas attorney general files lawsuit against opioid drug company

Attorney General Derek Schmidt said the Kansas lawsuit filed Thursday in Shawnee County District Court against Purdue Pharma alleged the drug company made false and deceptive claims in marketing the opioid product OxyContin.Schmidt's suit asserted the company's unlawful marketing practices were worthy of civil penalties and other relief under the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.Kansas was among five states filing a new round of lawsuits against Purdue and related individuals or entities.


Anonymous said...

Surprise, a fucking lawyer looking for deep pockets. Scumtard.

Grinning idiot leach.

Anonymous said...

Schmidt is a 3 time AG GOP winner and in 2018 won statewide by the largest margin of anyone on the ballot.

Go figure he's a complete idiot.

But we knew that after the water slide fiasco.

Kansas voters. They get what they deserve. Next stop, Pat Roberts senate seat.

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