Monday, May 13, 2019

Kansas Endures Weed Prohibition Last Days

Big picture reporting and juxtaposition . . . Kansas is in the middle of AN AMERICAN WEED EXPLOSION but elected leaders are willfully ignoring the trend and clinging to an outdated law that will soon be overturned at the federal level.

And so we consider the debate and potential for a new cash crop that's bigger than Sunflower State moral posturing from government officials who also get paid by way of selling lottery tickets and booze.

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KCUR: Why Kansas Cops Don't Want To Legalize Marijuana — Medical Or Otherwise

Money line . . .

They argue that even legalization of medical marijuana would increase car accidents and violent crime and make it easier for foreign drug cartels to move weed onto the black market.

Law enforcement officers say weed is inherently tied to violence, especially from Mexican cartels. And they report an increase in marijuana-related traffic stops in Kansas, especially since Colorado legalized recreational sales of the drug in 2014.

“In every way, marijuana is driving up public health and public safety concerns,” said Jeffrey Stamm, executive director of the Kansas City-based Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, under the Office of National Drug Control Policy. “In terms of the psychopharmacology, the economic, the criminal, the social costs of marijuana use, cops, in fact, are the experts.”

But ultimately, it’s hard to know what impact marijuana has on public safety in Kansas because the state doesn’t collect much of that information . . .

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

"...elected leaders are willfully ignoring the trend and clinging to an outdated law that will soon be overturned at the federal level." This is bullshit. The feds cannot legalize marijuana in Kansas or any other state. The feds can, and should, remove marijuana from the list of Schedule 1 drugs, and leave the matter of legal or illegal possession, sale and use to the states.

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise by any means, Kansas politicians are always behind the times.

Billion dollar industry free for the taking but they will retreat to Topeka to argue about school funding they can't afford

Anonymous said...

Pass the joint, dude.

Anonymous said...

If you want to use dope, please do it somewhere else.

Why do you think there are so many drug addicts living on the streets in states that have legalized dope? Duh.

Dope is bad. Dopes use dope.

Keep it illegal in Kansas. We need clear headed, smart people here.