Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Kansas City Veteran Pens 'Day In The Life' Afghanistan Endless War Tell-All

This story deserves to stand out if only because very few people can adequately explain the ongoing U.S. presence in this conflict that's getting closer to the 20-year-mark every day. Read more:

To Answer His Wife's Question, A Kansas City Veteran Wrote A Book About One Day In Afghanistan

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Paul Darling made his wife beef wellington for Mother's Day. Like anyone does in a relationship, he says that she thinks of him a certain way. "My wife has a vision of me as father and husband.


Reality said...

I praise their service, wish we has local heros on the KCPD and KCFD who could bring honor and morals here to benifit saving and protecting local citizens.

ROE shouldn't make the Black Knights' Rugby scrums look murderous! said...

War is hell. Kill, or be killed. Ain't no sin to fight to win. PC and humanitarian crap prolongs conflict.