Friday, May 31, 2019

Kansas City Undecided Voter Majority Distrusts Quinton Lucas & Jolie Justus

This week people OFFICIALLY STARTED IGNORING THE KCMO MAYORAL DEBATES but here's the best quick peek at the recent smackdown among two politicos who won't be able to claim a mandate. Read more:

Trust emerges as campaign issue in KC mayoral race

A third-party group is getting more active in the Kansas City race for mayor. As a result, trust is emerging as a campaign issue.


Anonymous said...

Two flawed candidates have the exact same answers. Sly Jr and a Lesbian? Really? Don't we deserve better than this, for shit sakes?

Clay has the only message that's good news for Kansas City.
Look at those percentages. If we write in his name HE'LL WIN
Vote for a man that's his own person, and not Sly's bitch.

Vote for Clay. Compare anything he's said to answers from either of the two clowns.

Don't be the typical lazy fuck KC registered voter that you are, and get off your dead ass and go write in his name.
Otherwise, KC is just fucking doomed.

Smiling Jack said...

How can anyone mention either of these two in a sentence containing the word "trust"?

One of them flip-flopped on the KCI mess and the other did the same on the Paseo/MLK fiasco.

As the lyric says...
"Up, down, in, out, anyway the Wind blows..."

Byron Funkhouser said...

Even if every vote is a write in for Clay, it wouldn't mean he is the mayor.

He lost in the primary. The End.

Stop bitching about the quality of the candidates; they're your candidates, so you do better. Run for office yourself!

Jesus ben Joseph, it's called participatory democracy for a reason; you have to participate, not just bitch about the people who are participating.

Anonymous said...

I can't run for office in Kansas City, Byron - I haven't sold my soul to out-of-State Real Estate Developers!

Isn't that the first qualification?
I mean, it's been that way since Berkley!

Anonymous said...

I wish KC would write Clay in on their ballot. Kansas City is a mess and he would be the only chance to get rid of the damage Sly has done. Jolie will cater to gays and Quinton will cater the blacks the same will go on. There was no candidate when Sly won and there's no candidate now.

NoH8KC said...

I'm writing in Clay Chastain. Hoping we can get the guy to 10,000 votes.

Anonymous said...

Why isn’t anybody talking up the interference of Johnson County residents in this election? It’s tantamount to the Russians interfering in the 2016 Presidential elections. Why on earth do Johnson County folks have Quinton Lucas and Jolie Justus signs in their yard? They can’t vote for Mayor of a different state, city and county. This needs to be stopped once and for all.

I am undecided and therefore will not be voting for either candidate. I dislike them both equally for different reasons.

Grip Madlock said...

Says an asshole who doesnt live here...go die already!