Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Kansas City Traffic Journalism: Newspaper Works To Clear Name Of K-10 Crash Victim As Social Media Blame Game Hijacks Story

This report is nothing more or less than the newspaper being VERY sensitive about the comments they're getting in response to overly sympathetic editorializing. Either way, the upshot and public interest is clear K-10 can be a hot mess and is dangerous for both the careless and cautious alike. Read more:

KU student killed on K-10 wasn't speeding, had passed construction warning signs: KHP

Dylan Garnett, a University of Kansas student from Shawnee who died in a wreck at I-435 and Kansas 10 highway, wasn't speeding and had passed warning signs of construction before slamming into the back of a tractor trailer in Lenexa, according to the highway patrol.


Anonymous said...

Thousands of cars a day are going through that area and not slamming into the rear of semi trucks. Be sympathetic all you want it still does not reduce the fact that Dylan screwed up and caused his own death. What if whatever he was doing besides paying attention would have cause him to hit a car full of people as hard as he hit that truck. Some other people along that road were very lucky he didn't hit them. The Star can kiss my ass and try to report the real facts once in a while other than their fake news and sympathetic hogwash.

Anonymous said...

Go the speed limit. Let people that are speeding pass you on your left, so you can eyeball them as they do. At least 75% of them will looking down at their phone near their lap.
This is most likely what happened to Dylan.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the Garnett family in the loss of their family member. However I do believe he was probably distracted driving and like so many others in that area not merging at the first opportunity rather than the last, actions of people that think they are more important than others stuck in the traffic. He had notice to slow down and be careful but he failed to take those actions. If he were alive today he would have to take personal responsibility for his actions. Luckily only property damage involved and not other loss of life.

Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes everyday but they aren't fatal...as of yet. Regardless, there is a void in the world because Dylan is no longer with us.

If anyone has negative things to say, even if they are the truth, please keep in mind that Dylan left behind family and friends that are still grieving and hurting, and that you yourself are nowhere near as perfect or righteous as you sound.