Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kansas City Thursday News Link Assortment

Today's #TBT pop culture news that our blog community enjoys every day under the sun . . . When it inevitably comes out:

DM: Elizabeth Hurley, 53, shows off her fabulous legs in a fruity wrap dress as she kicks back and relaxes in the sun

Closer to home, here are a few of the lighter side news links that matter right now . . .

Kansas City Funny Man Backstory

The inspiration behind Kansas City's newest comedy club

KANSAS CITY, MO - Dustin Kaufman is the man behind the brand-new Comedy Club of Kansas City. He joins us today to share why he wanted to open a club in KC, his history in comedy and how the club is helping young, aspiring comedians.

Westport Waiting For Comeback

McCoy's in Westport will reopen with new name, look and menu that offers 'Dirt Candy'

A sign on the front door announces the closing of Sailor Jack's Snack Shack in Westport while adjacent longtime brewery and restaurant McCoy's Public House is set to close Dec. 23. The founders of Westport's McCoy's Public House will replace it later this summer with an updated version called Mickey's Hideaway.

Local Foodie Good Life Juxtaposition

In an increasingly crowded fine-dining scene, does Farina live up to chef Michael Smith's reputation?

If Michael Smith builds it, Kansas Citians will come. Case in point: Farina, the chef's new upmarket Italian restaurant, which has been crowded with eager diners since it opened in February. Smith's star-power pull makes sense; he's been a fixture in the local dining scene for decades.

Granny Guv To Rescue

Gov. Kelly tours storm-damaged locations in Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly was in the Kansas City metro on Thursday to tour the areas hardest hit by Tuesday's severe storm. A category tore through parts of Leavenworth and Bonner Springs in Kansas, leveling several homes and buildings. Kelly joined Maj. Gen.

Kansas Horse Happiness

Horse in Linwood is pulled from debris after surviving tornado

LINWOOD, KS (KCTV) -- A heroic effort to save a horse in Linwood is yet one more remarkable survival story from the tornado zone. KCTV5's Abby Dodge talked to the owner of the horse who said the frightened animal spent all night trapped in storm debris.

Doggie Update And More Deets For Subscribers Of This Hard Hitting Local Biz Publication

Bar K prepares for expansion outside Kansas City - Kansas City Business Journal

Bar K opened its Berkley Riverfront Park location in Kansas City less than a year ago, but it's now ready to fetch more locations. The concept features a 2-acre fenced-in dog park with custom play equipment and amenities for humans - shipping containers repurposed as a bar/restaurant/coffeehouse and an outdoor stage for a variety of events.

Weekend Already Here For Hipsters

Strawberry Hill Pub Crawl, Strawberry Festival & Other Weekend Possibilities

Fairway Creamery (5938 Mission Road, Fairway, Kansas) - a new donut shop and soft serve ice cream concept from chocolatier Christopher Elbow - has opened in the former Pizza 51 West space. The donuts include a spiced old fashioned, raspberry iced, maple buttercrunch, vanilla bean glazed yeast and toasted coconut.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Trump is older than "granny" governor.

So what are we calling that geriatric senile liar in the White House?

Besides a disaster relief denier.

Anonymous said...

The guy who did the review on Farina is a pretentious homosexual

Byron Funkhouser said...

10:22, It's okay for men to be old & ugly, especially if they're rich (or lie convincingly about being rich.)

Thank you, yeezus, we aren't calling that White House occupant Madame President!!! said...

Now, Hilly @10:22, get over it. You lost. And, stop being such a whiney hypocrite. POTUS Trump may use a smidge of poetic license once in a while, but you are going to be forever tagged with that whopper about "dodging sniper fire". Plus,the "bimbos eruption" that you claimed was to blame for Bad Billy being accused of violent sex assaults was fat fibbing. You knew Billy Jeff was grabby on other girls starting when you were dating him throughout those college years. And, nice try on treating yourself to quite a load of very fine furniture and such when it was moving out day at the White House, then telling tall tales that it was an unintentional "mix-up" when you were ordered to return it all.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Uh, she actually won by 3 million votes. Your ramblings didn't get any more accurate after that. English, do you speak it? You a Russian bot, bro???

Anonymous said...

^^ Ever heard of the Electoral College. Nevermind....

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yes I have.

That doesn't change the FACT that Hillary beat Trump by 3 million votes.

The American people did not choose the geriatric dementia patent watching TV in the White House.

Grip Madlock said...

3 million illegal votes