Thursday, May 02, 2019


As the 2020 election cycle approaches, the economy is worrying Democratic Party opposition and threatens to disrupt their narrative attempting to convince those horrible, horrible Independent voters who decide just about every election nowadays.

Fact is, a reasonably strong economy contradicts almost every negative attack on the Prez given that, in the end, people always vote with their wallet.

And so, a TKC reader offers an important bit of right-wing but still alternative perspective on the topic:

"Does the following chart help to explain why the Kansas City Star editorial board is pursuing a vendetta against President Trump and the Republican Party? The chart demonstrates that the Star's parent (McClatchy) has remained in a death spiral since the election of November 2016."


To wit, as always, we ask readers . . .


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You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Sour grapes, that's all it is.

But I will say that even if they were pro trump it still wouldn't help their failing newspaper business. People just don't read the news that way anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ad space is cheap in the Star.
And the market for hearing aids is only so large!
When they're advertising that a reason to buy the Sunday paper is because of the amount of grocery coupons in it, you know the end must be near.

Anonymous said...

The Red Star is failing because of it's poor journalism and narrow minded articles. No one wants to hear one sided stories and racism from Sanchez and Janee whats her name.

Icarus said...

The Star minions are probably following directives from the powers to be as the lemmings are being led over the cliff.

Anonymous said...

Employed people stop complaining and no longer need to read the negitive crap the left us constantly putting out. MAGA

Paul Krooooohgman said...

Do we not live in the world’s greatest democratic utopia where dreams of grossly overinflated assets and massive debt come true?

Anonymous said...

The Economy boomed under Reagan too, for six years- turns out that was due to the Mints running the printing presses twenty-five hours a day, busily devaluating the Dollar.

This short-term GOP Economic Trickle-Down Miracle resulted inevitably in the greatest Depression this Country has ever seen, causing more transfer of value from the Working People to the Wealthy that Hoover manage to accomplish in 1929.

Don't know if the same tactic is being used today, or when the bill will come due, but fasten your seat belts, the Republicans are at it again!

Anonymous said...

Roughly 90% of journalists consistently self-identify as either Democrat or liberal. Its how they write, opine, and hire. Even 10 years or so before the financial death spiral began, anyone who didn't express a far-left viewpoint had little chance of being hired to write for a daily.

But, The Star is dying financially because print journalism is not something most people want. The business model is archaic in a digital world. It's simply not competitive or viable.

Biased reporting (leftward) has hastened the collapse of newspapers, as the small demographic loyal to print are typically 50+ and trend conservative. But, print's demise is inevitable regardless of ideology, agenda-driven journalism, and crap writing.

As an industry, print occupies the same zone as typewriters and buggy whips

Anonymous said...

It's too late for the Star. It's been too late for years. What happened to Hoopz after she moved? Has anyone tracked that?

Super Dave said...

The Kansas City Star has nobody but themselves to blame for their woes.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I’m old enough to remember when you only had three tv channels and your local newspaper. Then along came the burst of news magazines; time Newsweek etc
Then came cable news. Now it’s the internet
Newspapers have been staying around longer than they should have given the enormous tech changes today
It’s kind of like living in a time where people drive Tesla’s and model T’s at the same time

Phil Cardarella said...

Personally, I consider The Star to be far too conservative and way too much of a corporate cheerleader for my taste.

Of course The Star finds the current President to be vile and despicable on a good day and even worse on the average day. But that is simply the result of having learned to read and write at an early age, being raised to expect a certain level of common decency and a pesky belief in the existence of objective facts. One of those objective facts is that the President himself behaves in a vile and despicable manner – and is prone to promote vile and despicable policies.

Now this has no impact on his base of support. He was correct when he stated that he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue without losing any significant amount of his base support. If you think about it, that is the most insulting thing that any political leader has ever said about his followers: That they would be unmoved if he openly committed the crime of murder. They have surrendered their souls.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

2:42. Here’s an objective fact. Since ww2 our well spoken and articulate presidents have sent 60 thousand troops to die in Korea and 58 thousand in Vietnam let’s not forget our “level of decency” in the Middle East for the last thirty years. All this has been done those lofty and venerable presidents you long for
As for being insulted by trumps comments? I think we can take what he says with the grain of salt and satire his comments are given

NicK said...

the Star is NOT Liberal, its corporate. If you want liberal read the St. Louis paper

Anonymous said...

Phil I guess I just dont love starting wars as much as your gal Hillary does. That's why I voted for Trump. He's disappointed me on that score but there was no way I could cast a vote for war mongering Clinton. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

^^^Agree that the Star is not liberal, but disagree that it is corporate. It is in fact out and out leftist. On the other hand, the Star has a faint idea how its bread gets buttered, so it is careful to support city projects in return for tax concessions on its print shop.

"[Trump] was correct when he stated that he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue without losing any significant amount of his base support." Of course, he hasn't done that. Unlike Obama, who actually did get people killed through malfeasance (Fast & Furious) and misfeasance (Benghazi) without denting his popularity among his worshipers. Demigods can get away with a lot.

Truth giver said...

Talk about a huge waste of paper! The Wednesday Star ads go directly to the round file.
I receive weekly (sometimes daily) emails from Aldi, Sav A Lot, Price Chopper and Walmart (grocery and general).
I have desktop shortcuts to Channels 4,5,9, 41, TKC and Fox which I scan daily.
I almost have more content than I can consume. I need the Star like I need a withered arm. By the way Cardarella, you're simply stupid.

Thank You'all

Anonymous said...

While readership barely exists at the Star-what’s truly amazing Is they let foreigners answer their phones- and no one can hardly understand their dialect of English.
Their product is thrown on driveways by non- branded crappy vehicles. Look at UPS, US Postal Service, Dominoes Pizza, Orkin Pest Control, etc. then Look at the Star delivery vehicles...NO PRIDE! Losers!!
What say you Derek Donavan et el in defense?

Anonymous said...

The Star is failing, not because they are liberal or corporate or gay or whatever. The Star is failing because they won’t report truth. People aren’t going to read the paper if they know it can’t be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Downer. The O.G. theres a bridge near you? JUMP

Anonymous said...

That's great and all but we're also kicking the can on down the road, aka, ignoring the deficit. The current path is unsustainable and eventually drastic changes will be required. The tax cuts haven't been offset by increased economic growth. Guess who's going to take brunt when the shit hits the fan folks...the middle class.