Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kansas City Star Self-Help Journalism

Important local connection to a dude who preys upon the desperate or really bored. Luckily, both groups read the paper:

Self-help guru Tony Robbins out at Overland Park firm after misconduct claims surface

Overland Park wealth management firm Creative Planning revealed Tony Robbins' departure in a disclosure brochure on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. AP Tony Robbins, the celebrity self-help guru and infomercial star, has left his position with Overland Park wealth management firm Creative Planning after news reports alleging sexual misconduct were published this month.


Anonymous said...

What, he was caught jacking off in his office or was he having internet sex with Byron?

Anonymous said...

Everyone on the professional speaking circuit knows what a snake Robbins is. Mucho burned bridges behind him.

Byron Funkhouser said...


Anonymous said...

So... what is the real story?
Buzzfeed beat the Star.
In their hometown.