Sunday, May 12, 2019

Kansas City Star Publishes Sunday Lesson In Public School Racism And Identity Politics

Really tragic "reporting" from the newspaper that actually advocates AGAINST diversity and plays a racial preference game with student population. Here's dead-tree media arguing for their own demise by sharing FAKE NEWS that's more racially charged drama than anything else.

Read more if you dare:

Lincoln Prep parents and alumni concerned about dwindling black student body


Anonymous said...

Actually, it’s a good thing when classes aren’t burdened with slower students that can’t keep up. Parents should be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

It’s almost unreadable.
Almost because you immediately start to read it- see exactly where the article is going- see exactly what is wrong with politics in America and then have to try and finish it.
What a poor decision to not write it, but from a racist standpoint.
Moral of the story:
If you are not a minority- then be prepared to be scrutinized, discriminated against and just know the media hates you.

Relief is on the way: The Star won’t exist in 18 months.. not like it is now. Get relief knowing it will ONLY be online... with millions of other hateful Blogs.

Anonymous said...

And the Star could win 10 Pulitzer awards a year for 10 years... and it would not change a thing.

Anonymous said...

How many puppy ads or obits does it have to sell to pay for one editorial board person? Opinions are a dime a dozen and alienating readers.

Anonymous said...

What an extremely racist viewpoint from Lincoln. Imagine being a democrat and preaching how great diversity is and then talk about busing in more black students from other areas to keep the school black because too many Hispanics are showing up.

Imagine a white school with white history talking about busing in more white students to keep it majority white? Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

This article shows there's lots of black nostalgia for a time when schools were segregated by law. Maybe that mandatory integration thing was not such a hot idea after all. Certainly not the way a federal court imposed it on Kansas City.

If you happen to pass through Springfield Missouri, don't forget to stop long enough to spit on Judge Russell Clark's grave. Springfield National Cemetery, Section J, Site 368.

Anonymous said...

8:20 kcps did exactly that for over forty years, you must be a young person and didn’t know this but just for you I’ll tell you, why do you think kcps took control of six independence schools for all those years? They were busing white kids back into the city and busing black kids into independence. They had to have a certain percentage of white kids to receive federal money, all that stopped when independence finally got fed up with kcps sending the worst most violent kids over there so the school district, businesses and home owners threw a righteous fit and got there schools back. They could be missing the buss by not playing up the Mexican angle to the gubmint and getting even more money.

I think it’s funny that whites, Mexicans and even the Asians could be the majority again and that just burns the koloreds ass’s. There’s the real racism right there.

PelatiahLeete said...

When summer ends the hood rats will have probably killed enough hood rats so there will be no black students at Lincoln Prep.

chuck said...

Sounds like this guy is all for Segregation.


Me too.

Harvard wants a return to Plessy v Ferguson - Me too!!

Totally cool with it.

Colleges everywhere want safe spaces for minorities and NO WHITES ALLOWED.

Excellent idea and I am all for returning the favor.

Jim said...

I graduated from a KC school in 1975. F’ing judge Clark raised my taxes to pay for the stupid magnet schools. This has to be the dumbest, most uninformed article I’ve ever read about the schools in that time. Jesus the Star is a pathetic pile of steaming crap.

Racists making MLK a liar! said...

See, it's not about the content of character, after all.