Monday, May 06, 2019

Kansas City Star Hates Tax Relief For Everybody But Themselves

Given that the so-called paper-of-record has enjoyed luxurious tax discounts for years . . . For those wondering why subscriptions and ad revenue are down . . . Sure, the Internets is the main culprit but don't overlook politically motivated coverage AND exceptionally unpopular editorials that pretty much contradict the view of EVERY VOTER. Like this one:

Gov. Kelly should veto lousy, last-minute tax cut for corporations, wealthy Kansans

The Wichita Republican joined with other GOP candidates for the Kansas Legislature to share a vision for the future of Kansas. (October 2016) The Kansas Legislature's unrestrained enthusiasm for cutting corporate taxes resurfaced in the closing days of the 2019 session.


Anonymous said...

considering corporations and wealth pay the bulk of taxes it does make sense they'd get tax break priority

Deplorables of Flyoverland said...

That's because there are two economies; one for the elites, and one for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Don’t the elite have to pay higher taxes than us poor ole commoners? Thought so, don’t the elite own businesses that pay employees? Thought so.

If you mean those people that own fast food corporations that pay minimum wage because people won’t buy their product if it goes any higher, you mean those people?

Anonymous said...

Corporation and the wealthy don't pay more taxes.

In fact, there is a long list of multi-billion dollar companies that paid nothing last year.

Trump hasn't paid taxes in years either.

Anonymous said...

A few suckers above I see. Effective tax rates for the wealthy are much lower due to large amounts of passive income. But hey, keep buying that line, I'd rather give tax cuts to middle class people who actually drive economies myself.

Anonymous said...

^^^"Passive income" (i.e. investment income) would not tend to raise or lower effective tax rates, unless what you're really complaining about is capital gains tax treatment of some investment income.